Student Monitoring System – Track Your Students with Activity Monitor

Do you know that college students are one of the most computer savvy and Internet active users? And that’s true! There is no wonder, as in accordance with the latest statistic researches, 86% of under-aged users acquired their first personal computers even before entering a college. Actually, computing and the World Wide Web have become an integral part of student lifestyle.

With almost unlimited access to computing and Internet resources in many schools, colleges and universities, administrators of these educational establishments should take special care of young computer users and their online behavior. Along with the problem of spending studying hours on unrelated tasks, there is also an urgent problem of unauthorized downloading and a comprehensive range of other online and digital activities that can not only have a bad influence on students progress, but also lead to undesirable consequences.

Luckily, SoftActivity has a perfect solution to deal with such critical issues – a full-featured student monitoring system Activity Monitor designed to allow school administrators and teachers track student activities in real time.

This student monitoring system consists of two basic parts: the server and the client and can work optimally in any computer LAN. It’s up to you only to decide whether to inform or not your students that they are being monitored. Whether you choose the first option, you can use an optional “Aware” mode that will notify students by displaying a window on the desktop, icon in system tray as well as a warning every time they login. Knowledge of the fact that they are supervised will definitely dramatically reduce the temptation to enter into something suspicious.

In such a way, by tracking students with our smart software solution you can dramatically improve their overall performance and productivity.

Download Activity Monitor software and monitoring your students in the classroom:

Educational license is available!

August 12th, 2011