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Windows Terminal Server environment is growing in popularity nowadays as a cost-effective and yet convenient platform allowing you and your employees to access all applications on-demand from any location. Actually, companies save both time and money making it possible for users to connect remotely and perform necessary tasks using the processing power of Terminal Server. If you currently use Windows Terminal Server as an alterative to deploying applications on hundreds of desktops across your company, it’s high time to think how to protect your corporate data and prevent information leakage.

SoftActivity is here to address all the needs of both mid-size and large businesses in getting control over their corporate network and monitoring user activities on a Terminal Server. We are ready to offer you professional Terminal Server monitoring software – SoftActivity TS Monitor designed to record TS sessions and make your company more secure by reducing risks of information leakage and increasing staff productivity.

Actually, SoftActivity TS Monitor is a Terminal Server sessions recorder that will give you deep insight into employee activities within your Windows Terminal Server. From now on you can easily monitor remote users that work from home or access critical applications during business trips. Our advanced Terminal Server monitoring software records sessions on a Terminal Server capturing every user action and provides accurate information on what your employees do on thin clients in your network.

Being one of the best Terminal Server monitoring tools, SoftActivity TS Monitor logs every user’s step in Windows Terminal Server sessions. It will provide valuable reports on actions performed by local and remote users over the day. This full-featured Terminal Server monitoring software works by logging all used applications and their work duration, emails sent and received, chat conversations made, Internet surfing history and other details. It also includes a keylogger module that records every keystroke typed in any application.

November 25th, 2010