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Have your children reached the age when their interests go far beyond computer games and now they are very active Internet users in terms of studying tasks, chatting, blogging, social networking, etc. Then it’s high time to think of their online safety. One of the most efficient ways to protect your children from invisible and stealthy threats circulating over the Internet is through parental control software use. With such a program you can view what is going on your children desktop in real-time and remotely from another room or your workplace.

The main purpose of parental monitoring solutions is to provide conscious parents with a comprehensive picture of their kids’ online and computer activities. There is a wide selection of related programs available on the Web market today. However, they may significantly differ in their functional options, number of tools included and some other features. If you’re interested in finding a software product offering maximum control opportunities and value for your money, you’ve come to the right place! SoftActivity is here to provide you with one the best parental control applications available on the market to ensure unmatched control and total peace of mind for a reasonable price.

Completely stealth operational mode is another significant benefit for using our parental control software. It runs secretly and invisibly in the background leaving no traces on the desktop, Task Manager, and no files can be seen on a hard drive. Only authorized users can view the log files, since they are password-protected. What’s also important, SoftActivity Keylogger is fully compatible with all popular Windows OS versions and causes no conflicts with other software solutions and applications.

Of course, you may come up with the set of rules for using a computer and the Internet by your children like restricting their online games and other entertainments, forbidding chatting with unknown people and no downloads without your permission, etc. But try to be honest, can you be 100% confident that your kids strictly obey these rules whenever you’re away? Actually, online safety of your children is not a matter to allow any doubts. Ensure ultimate safety of your children when they’re online with our top rated parental control software SoftActivity Keylogger.


February 26th, 2012