Track Activity on Your Computer, Programs to Spy on Your Kids’ Computer

As a rule, parents make every effort to give an appropriate upbringing to their children, so that they grow up to be adequate and active personalities. Actually, a child’s upbringing is not limited to excellent education, healthy food and hygiene and proper clothing. One of the most important factors in the personality formation is the environment surrounding children at home, school and on the playground. First of all, conscious parents should display their own good examples of behavior, since children naturally emulate adult behaviour.

When parents try to organize a proper home atmosphere, it still doesn’t mean that their children are safe enough from malicious influence of the outside world. You shouldn’t remain under a delusion that your little ones are protected while playing computer games or using the Internet at home. It’s widely known, that children become addicted to computers easily and quickly and this may affect their views and behavior dramatically.

While considering numerous advantages of computers in the educational process, it sounds rather illogical to exclude them completely from children lives. As many other parents, you may be wondering now how to track activity on your computer secretly, so that children remain unaware of being monitored. SoftActivity is ready to provide you with advanced and state-of-the-art computer monitoring software to track any activity on your kids’ computer in an efficient and hidden way.

We have developed an extensive range of powerful and full-featured software solutions that allow to spy on a single computer and the entire network, so that you may always stay confident in proper usage of your computer and Internet resources. From now on, with our SoftActivity Keylogger installed on your home PC, you will be able to monitor the whole computer and Internet activity and protect your kids from possible online threats. Our user-friendly application doesn’t require any specific technical knowledge or experience for installation and running.

Being a highly responsible parent, you can stay involved with your kids’ computer activity even when you are not around. Our full-featured program will help you track activity on their computers delivering accurate reports in a special log file that may be sent to your mailbox regularly.

March 30th, 2012