Track Kids Internet Activity – Internet Tracking Software for Kids

Various reports indicate that kids sometimes use Internet resources more often than adults. As a rule, they spend time by browsing websites with different content, play online games and do blogging and chatting. Of course, you may know about some of the things your kids are doing online but chances are high enough that you are not aware of sites they visit and with whom they talk to.

We are glad to offer you SoftActivity Keylogger as a powerful solution to know exactly what your kids are doing online and ensure their safe Internet experience. Our full-featured Internet tracking software for kids is an all-in-one spying engine designed to run in the background of your PC and track kids Internet activity in real time. You can easily install this advanced program on your home computer (it works perfectly on all modern versions of Windows OS) and know how your PC is used even when you are away.

It’s rather easy to lose control over your children these days. And SoftActivity Keylogger offers parents an excellent opportunity to be aware of when, how and what their kids did on the Internet without breaking their privacy. Don’t be afraid to be caught while using SoftActivity Keylogger as this unique Internet tracking software works absolutely invisibly so people continue doing what they normally do when they are sure you can’t trace them.

With our powerful software to track Internet use in real time, you will know exactly whether your kids are surfing inappropriate websites or chatting with suspicious persons. Everything from the Internet URLs visited and keystrokes typed to sent/received emails and programs run will be recorded in the reports that can be further sent to your email every few hours.

March 22nd, 2011