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Do you run a business where almost every employee uses computer and Internet resources on a daily basis? Are you aware of the statistics showing that more than 30% of employees abuse their Internet use on the workplace? Day-by-day they waste your company resources, time and money by surfing the Internet for personal needs and performing other activities that have nothing to do with their work tasks.

Does it sound dangerous for your overall company success? Then it’s high time to think about monitoring of your office LAN activity. Of course, you can’t stand behind employee’s backs or afford yourself to engage additional employees to do it for you. Actually, modern technologies allow to avoid all these hassles. Would you like to know how to track LAN without your physical presence from any location in the world and at any time? It’s now possible and extremely easy if you take advantage of Activity Monitor from SoftActivity!

We take special pride in offering you the most advanced software to track LAN computers and every activity performed by your employees. Activity Monitor comes with a full set of options needed to let you know about every single step happening within your office LAN. In such a way, by having this information at hand you can react in a timely manner and manage proper working process in every department of your company.

It’s up to you whether to inform or not your staff that you’re using software to track LAN activity. However, if you wish to keep this in a secret, you can fully rely on Activity Monitor as it works in the background giving no outer signs that anything is installed on the monitored computers.

September 22nd, 2010