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There are plenty of reasons why parents may need an advanced program for computer monitoring of their children’s network activity. It’s a fact that computer usage is very popular among children and most kids today have access to the Internet that allows them to be always in touch with their friends. Ideally, all parents should know how to monitor kid’s PC and Internet usage but generally they have no idea how to provide this. SoftActivity is here to offer you the excellent solution – powerful monitoring and tracking software for home computers that provides an efficient parental control over children’s online activity.

Our Softactivity Keylogger, designed for tracking Internet usage, allows you to fully control your children’s online behavior preventing them from being involved into inappropriate, harmful and sometimes dangerous aspects of the Internet. Using our monitoring and tracking software for home computer provides you with the opportunity to track every single thing your kids do on their PC: websites visited, programs and applications launched, files downloaded, emails sent and received and so on.

Our advanced tool for tracking Internet usage provides you with the opportunity to monitor kids’ PC and online activities and lets you know how your home computer is used while you are away. Completely invisible built-in key logger module and keystroke recorder will tell you when, how and what your children have done on the Internet. In addition, Softactivity Keylogger can send special log files with all recorded information to your email address every few hours to help you detect where your kids have surfed.

Don’t waste your time on a search for various programs for computer monitoring anymore as our professional monitoring and tracking software for home PC allows you to monitor Internet and computer usage effectively and hassle free.

January 26th, 2009