Tracking Software for Computers: How to Track Your Computer, Remote Computer Control

There are many cases when you may wish to know how to track your computer and Internet access usage. Probably, you are a conscious parent willing to have total peace of mind knowing that your children are surfing the Internet absolutely safely and don’t waste too much time on games and entertainment. Or you are an employer/manager suspecting that some employees within your staff tend to abuse their unlimited access to your corporate IT resources and spend a significant part of office hours for personal needs instead of working.

Frankly speaking, it really doesn’t matter why you need to monitor your computer users. As a responsible and conscious parent or employer you have always to be aware of what your users are doing and how they behave online to protect them from numerous Internet threats and prevent fraudulent activities. If you’re interested in choosing a really powerful and efficient program that is rather easy-to-use and reasonably priced at the same time, then SoftActivity is an obvious choice.

We are ready to offer you a wide selection of full-featured tools for tracking computer use – SoftActivity Keylogger, Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor. These are our exclusive software products designed to provide you with ultimate control over your home or office network computers. From now on, you can always be aware what your computer users are doing when you’re out or far away.

Based on the most cutting-edge IT spying technologies, all our computer and Internet tracking programs use smart engines that run in a stealth mode at the background and secretly record all activities on remote desktops – from URLs entered to keystrokes or passwords typed. Your kids, employees or any other group of network users will continue surfing the Internet and doing their usual activities in a way they’ve used to, without knowing that you’re monitoring them.

March 28th, 2012