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Are you are a parent looking for an efficient web spy software solution to monitor children’s computer activity and protect them from possible Internet threats? Or, probably, you are an employer who needs a real time spy software solution to track employees’ online activities and eliminate overall productivity falling or company identity theft? In some way or other, you’ve come to the right place as SoftActivity is ready to offer you the best computer spyware solutions to help you easily track your office or home network activity in real time.

Essentially, our Activity Monitor and SoftActivity Keylogger programs are superb remote computer spyware tools that run in the background of computers allowing you to track any LAN and have detailed information on what, how and when your network users perform irrespective of whether they are your employees or family members. In addition, these web spy software programs work absolutely invisibly leaving no possibility for you to be detected.

While allowing you to have 24/7 access to chat conversations made, emails sent and received, URLs visited, typed keystrokes, downloaded files and other computer activities performed within your LAN, our real time spy software will record information of all networked computers into a special log file. Moreover, you can even receive these reports to your email periodically.

Actually, computer and Internet usage monitoring is becoming more and more essential today. So, whether you are looking to keep your children safe online or avoid wasting working time of your employees on unrelated activities, the best computer spyware solutions from SoftActivity are designed to be your remote ‘eyes’.

November 24th, 2009