Web Tracking Software, Electronic Computer Monitoring, Monitor Internet Use

As Internet usage is growing all over the world, Internet abuse on the workplace is becoming a rather serious problem. Frankly speaking, an average employee spends between one and two hours each day using Internet for personal needs and, what is more important, inappropriate employee Internet usage may influence on overall productivity of a company. That’s why if you have more than one employee with the access to the Internet, you need to use a special electronic computer monitoring program to keep an eye on your employees’ online activity and create good working environment. SoftActivity is ready to offer you full-featured web tracking software to provide total control over your local network and monitor Internet usage of your employees in real time.

If you are concerned about inappropriate employee Internet usage inside your company, our Activity Monitor is an ideal solution allowing you to monitor Internet use and website surfing on all networked computers. In fact, electronic computer monitoring allows you to know exactly what your employees are doing during the working hours and determine how much time they are spending online for personal reasons.

Activity Monitor makes it possible for employers to keep track of virtually all computer and online communications of any employee by the means of hidden key logger that records all related information into a special log file.

If tracking employee computer usage including Internet browsing is a crucial point to ensure your business productivity, take advantage of our powerful and handy web tracking software to monitor Internet use of your employees on the workplace. You’ll have the full control you may need to prevent potential problems with inappropriate employee Internet usage.

March 24th, 2009