Activity Logger 3.7 released

  • new: keylogger module supports most international keyboard layouts now! Our keylogger records, in addition to English keystrokes, any characters in Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and recognizes accented characters in such languages as German, Spanish and Portuguese, for example;
  • new: support of secure connections to STMP servers over SSL for sending logs via email. You can use your ISP, Gmail or other SMTP servers that require SSL
  • new: support of different international encodings in emails. Activity Logger will correctly display emails that use any international encoding;
  • new: support for 64-bit Windows versions;
  • improved: installs icons only for the current user that started installation. Monitored users don’t see Start menu and desktop icons;
  • improved: View only programs with typed keystrokes or all programs on Program usage tab
December 20th, 2007