Activity Monitor 2.x

Version 2.6

  • New option: Do not make offline screenshots when computer is idle
  • It is possible now to use system variables in path to offline log file and offline screenshots. By default %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32 directory is used.
  • Few minor bugs have been fixed

Version 2.52

  • Offline screenshots feature was fixed

Version 2.5

  • Internet surfing monitoring in real time and offline
  • Now works correctly in DHCP environment, when IP addresses can change frequently
  • Agent can run in “Aware” mode, informing user that he is being monitored
  • Autoreconnect to the remote PC after connection has been dropped
  • Clipboard operation on all tabs in monitoring window
  • Save the content of any monitoring window tab to the local file
  • Few minor bugs are fixed and some minor improvements are implemented

Version 2.2

  • Fixed bug when computers with autorefresh turned on were disconnecting sometimes.

Version 2.1

  • Security improved. Passwords may be used for monitoring computers and to start Activity Monitor. Everyone who wants to monitor some computer has to know it’s access password.
  • Few bugs fixed.

Version 2.0 (Program name changed to Activity Monitor 2001)

  • Offline logging. Logging engine runs on the remote computers all the time, even if you are not connected to it. It logs all keystrokes and programs activations with time stamps. Also it takes screenshots in specified period of time and saves them to the local or shared location. When you connect to this remote computer with Activity Monitor, you may download those logs and screenshots to the local workstation.
  • Log export. It is available to export downloaded log files to MS Excel for detailed analysis, to HTML files with embedded screenshots, to delimited text file for further import to any database. All exports are based on templates, so you can easily customize the look of resulting files.
  • Download files. Download any files from the remote workstation.
  • Foreground application tab added. When user on the remote workstation activates one or another application, it is added to the list with time stamp. So you may see user’s activity history.
  • Active application name is added to the Keystrokes tab, so you can see where user types a text now.
  • Program has received new name Activity Monitor 2001
October 15th, 2001