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February 25th, 2012

Any conscious parent never can feel 100% confident of children safety, whether during their schooling time or when they are having fun on a playground with friends and even when sitting in front of their home computer. Many people mistakenly think that their children are quite safe when using the Internet, at least they are at home. Unfortunately, the real threat of the Internet still exists and sometimes it may be even more harmful as it affects emotional and mental state of a kid. Children are the most vulnerable Web users that can be easily hooked up by online cheaters.

It’s hard to imagine the number of uncensored and dangerous websites that your kids may encounter on the Internet. You should realize that they are naive and haven’t got the sense of discernment for the world around yet, being usually not able to distinguish good and evil, useful and harmful. Considering that computers and the Internet may also assist in their studies, prohibition of computer usage is not the best option. From this point of view, the installation of a computer monitoring application that allows to control any of Internet activities on your home computer becomes a necessity for conscious and responsible parents.

SoftActivity takes special pride by offering you a full-featured and efficient Internet monitoring program that can be an excellent solution to protect your sensitive children from websites with adult and inappropriate content. Our SoftActivity Keylogger is spyware for a computer that works absolutely invisibly logging all the activity taking place on your home PC. From now on, you may have a reliable assistant on your computer that will help you keep a watchful eye on how your children behave online when you’re away, so that you can take prompt actions to protect them from online threats.

Our powerful computer spyware package includes a full range of advanced monitoring tools, so that you can not only get to know about all websites visited from your computer, but also have records of all chat conversations made, emails sent and received, passwords entered, programs run, etc. SoftActivity Keylogger is one of the best parental monitoring applications that runs in the background and takes screenshots at specific time intervals saving recorded data in a secret log file.

Moreover, monitoring of your children Internet activity allows you to keep in touch with their life, interests and hobbies. In such a way, if you need an efficient, yet affordably priced parental monitoring program, consider visiting today.

Spyware for PC, Keylogger for Parents at

February 23rd, 2012

The contemporary life has become dependent on computers and today more and more people spend plenty of their work and pastime in the Internet. That’s why, the problem of security and protection of our children from harmful influence of the cyberspace is one of the major parent’s concerns nowadays. Moreover, adults are also hooked up with this “virtual world” and sometimes this may really cause bad results. It has become so significant to control the computer work and monitor inappropriate Internet usage. Everyone should bear in mind that further well-being of a family highly depends on an appropriate contribution in kid’s life.

In fact, any reliable keylogger spy software for computers can complete this important task for you, so that you will be able to control online activity of your child, spouse, friend or employee. With the help of spyware for computers that works absolutely secretly at the background, you can help your children avoid some suspicious websites and protect them from possible online threats. This is the reason why a careful parent should install spy software on the home computer and track its activity.

SoftActivity is ready to provide you with a full-featured and advanced keylogger for computers that is ideal to track, monitor and log all the information about computer usage. From now on, you can have all this information always at hand in a special log file. If you are interested in installing a spy tool on your PC, choose our sophisticated and cutting-edge SoftActivity Keylogger. It’s considered to be an ideal keylogger for parents, that includes all the necessary features for activity logging and allows to take screenshots at specific time periods.

SoftActivity Keylogger runs in the background recording all chat conversations made, emails sent and received, programs run, etc. while staying absolutely invisible. Take a chance to download our free 15-day trial version of SoftActivity Keylogger and test all its powerful features before initial purchase.

Key Logging Programs, Remote Key Logging from SoftActivity

February 2nd, 2012

Do you know what your children are doing online, what websites do they visit and who they talk to? While the majority of children strictly follow the rule of not talking to strangers in the street, they typically forget about it in the virtual world that has no less or perhaps even more possible threats. Taking the route of cutting off their access to the Internet completely is not a wise decision in such a case, as children would simply search for other possible ways to go online such as their friends or Internet cafes.

For many conscious parents the idea of remote and real-time monitoring their kids computer and Internet activity can be just the right way to go. At SoftActivity we understand your desire to stay always confident in your children online safety and therefore offer you to take advantage of SoftActivity Keylogger – one of the best key logging software solutions available on the Web.

As a multi-functional key logging application, SoftActivity Keylogger can easily cover all the aspects of your kids computer usage and online behavior, including web surfing history, email communications, chat conversations, social networking, online games and shopping, video and music downloads, file transferring, etc.

Rest assured, your children will never know that their computer is under your surveillance unless you tell them about this personally, as SoftActivity Keylogger runs absolutely secretly at the background, remaining invisible in the process list, and, besides, it’s virtually undetectable.

We understand that you may hate the idea of spying on your children, but in today’s dangerous Internet world it is the only proper thing to do: websites with offensive/illegal content, online cheaters, fraud are only a small part of risks that are waiting for your children in the Internet. Start using our remote key logging program SoftActivity Keylogger and enjoy a complete peace of mind knowing that your children are protected and safe.

How to Protect Your Children on the Internet – Child Internet Protection Software

November 19th, 2011

Do you know that in accordance with the recent researches today’s children become active online users at 10-12 years. As a parent, you should know that providing child protection on the Internet can be a very challenging task. It’s quite natural for our young generation to use social networks to make new friends and communicate with them, play online games or just find necessary information online.

Actually, there is nothing wrong when your child takes advantage of indisputable communication and educational opportunities of the Internet, but how to protect his/her virtual activity from possible online threats? The only way out is to control what kids are doing on the Web, especially when you’re away.

SoftActivity Keylogger is considered to be one of the best child Internet protection tools that allows remote computer monitoring and keystrokes recording in real-time. This full-featured spyware solution works secretly and invisibly even for advanced computer users. In such a way, you can keep your kids protected from online dangers while eliminating invasion of their privacy.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger runs at the background of your PC and secretly records all the information related to this particular computer activity. Whether your kids are chatting with friends, surfing inappropriate websites or share private data, our child Internet protection software will record everything for your further investigation.

Moreover, you can also take advantage of enhanced reporting features of our advanced monitoring program. SoftActivity Keylogger can secretly send log files with all the information on when, how and what your children did on the Internet to you by email.

Parental PC Monitoring Program, Monitor Child's PC Use

August 20th, 2011

The Internet has become an indispensable part of our everyday life and proved to be an excellent tool in many work, non-work related and educational activities. However, it hides multiple threats and, first of all, they concern kids and teens.

As a conscious parent, you have several options to choose from when protecting your children from online dangers. The first one is to disconnect your kid’s computer from the Internet. This is quite a radical method that will for sure offend your children and may lead to misunderstanding in your relationships. No doubt, the forbidden fruit is sweet, and they will seek access to the Internet at friends, school or wherever they go.

The next option widely used by parents is filtering. You can install a special filtering program or choose an Internet service provider which offers filtering options that will block websites with offensive or inappropriate content. However this won’t protect them from messaging and communicating with online strangers.

Fortunately, there is one more option that will allow you to keep a watchful eye on your children’s online behaviour when you provide them with access to the Internet – computer monitoring software solutions. Once you install such a software solution on your home computer, you can track kids’ online activity and whole computer usage to be 100% informed about all their actions in real-time.

At SoftActivity we take special pride by offering you one of the best parental PC monitoring programs available on the market today – SoftActivity Keylogger, a superb spying engine that runs completely hidden in the background and secretly records all URLs visited, keystrokes typed, programs run and passwords entered.

Best Child Internet Safety Software – Protect Children on the Internet

August 15th, 2011

Did you notice that when getting older, your children start to spend more time on the Internet that is quickly becoming an important part of their daily life? Frankly speaking, various social networks and chat rooms are one of the hottest online trends nowadays. As itself, social networking phenomenon doesn’t carry any harm, it just allows people to communicate with friends freely and on a regular basis. However, such sites are opened for everyone being not so safe as it may seem to be at the first glance.

As a rule, most parents don’t seriously think about possible threats that young users may face with while surfing the Web until it concerns them and their child privacy. Besides, it becomes more difficult to protect children on the Internet – teaching them how to behave online and installing a content filter isn’t enough any more. To ensure a safe online experience for your children you need to keep a watchful eye on their Internet usage.

If you suspect that your children are surfing inappropriate websites when you are away, welcome to SoftActivity! We are ready to offer you SoftActivity Keylogger – one of the best child Internet safety software that will alert when your kids are into something suspicious.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger contains a powerful built-in keystroke recorder that is designed to track and record everything for your reference. The list of what you can monitor includes, but is not limited to applications used, keystrokes typed, passwords entered, Internet surfing history, etc. In such a way, you have ultimate control over kids’ online usage to ensure they are protected 24/7.

If you are still not sure whether Softactivity Keylogger is an ideal solution for your child’s online safety, take advantage of its free trial version to track everything happening within your home PC during a 15-day trial period.

Home Computer Surveillance Program – Learn How to Track Computer Activity

August 14th, 2011

As a conscious parent, you surely want to know if your children are indeed safe when surfing the Web. You may also want to track kids computer activity to know if they spend their free time with benefit and don’t play computer and online games for hours instead of doing their home tasks.

It is obviously very hard to take total control over child’s computer and online life since you may have to spend many hours far away from your home – physically you simply can’t always stand behind their shoulders. That’s why, if you want to know how to track computer activity remotely and in real-time, we are here to provide you with the modern spy software solutions. At you will find one of the best home computer surveillance programs available on the market today – SoftActivity Keylogger.

With this powerful solution you will get to know everything your kids do on your home PC or their own laptops when you’re away: every keystroke typed, URL visited, file opened, program run, email sent and received – no single event will pass unnoticed. Due to the advanced IntelliSnap technology, our stand-alone home computer surveillance software may also take desktop screenshots – you will only have to do some minor setup changes to enable this feature and take automatic screen copies based on user activity with any necessary frequency.

SoftActivity Keylogger supports characters in all languages, so it can display emails, chats and texts in any language. It works properly on all modern Windows OS versions and doesn’t conflict with other programs and applications. There is hardly any other home PC surveillance program that can surpass SoftActivity Keylogger with regard to functionality, ease-of-use and flexibility.