Computer Usage Tracker, Program to Track Computer Usage by SoftActivity

October 2nd, 2012

No doubt, computers and the Internet play a crucial role in virtually all aspects of modern life making various processes, activities and tasks much easier and faster to accomplish. However, the truth is that many people use these IT resources in an inappropriate way by abusing them, wasting too much time on idle activities, using them carelessly and, what’s even worse – organizing information leakage. First of all, these issues concern employees having unrestricted access to corporate IT resources and under-age users, including children and teenagers who are still unable to perceive adequately the virtual reality and identify online threats.

As a business owner, manager or conscious parent, you might have faced any of these problems and experienced their negative consequences. One of the main reasons why such issues occur is perhaps that you don’t track your computer users. There are multiple computer tracking programs available on the Web market today for various related needs, but if you need to choose an all-in-one, powerful and still reasonably priced solution, look no further than

We’re ready to offer you an extensive selection of cutting-edge computer usage tracking software solutions designed to cater perfectly for various users, including business owners, employers, network administrators, school administrators, parents, etc. Our spyware programs will provide you with absolute control over your corporate and home networks in real time and remotely irrespective of your physical location. From now on, no single computer activity of your users will stay unnoticed.

For business and corporate users we suggest to take advantage of our Activity Monitor or SoftActivity TS Monitor – our sophisticated computer usage trackers for office and company LANs. While Activity Monitor works perfectly in local networks, SoftActivity TS Monitor is designed specifically for monitoring remote employees and all their activities in Windows Terminal Server sessions and Citrix shared desktop.

If you need to ensure absolute online safety of your children by controlling the way they surf the Web, then our SoftActivity Keylogger is an obvious choice. This is a full-fledged program to track home computer usage. While running in the background of your PC in an absolutely stealth mode, SoftActivity Keylogger will record everything your kids are doing – from websites visited to files downloaded or uploaded along with the duration of every single activity.


Laptop Tracking Software: How to Monitor Laptop Activity in the office?

October 1st, 2012

Just as desktop PCs, laptops have also to be monitored in order to eliminate risks of their misuse and Internet abuse at workplace. Nowadays, every office employee has his/her own laptop. Are you concerned how your employees are surfing the Internet through their laptops when you are not around? This is a common issue for all conscious employers and managers who can’t control every moment when their employees are online. Moreover, today many school and college administrators claim that students tend to play games, chat, check new notifications on their Facebook accounts and do various other non-study related activities during classes or lectures.

SoftActivity is here to show you an easy and very efficient way to monitor a laptops and all activities being performed on them in real time and remotely.

We suggest you to take advantage of our unique, multifunctional laptop tracking software Activity Monitor designed to provide you with ultimate control over all of the laptops in the office or school. It will let you know all the truth about what’s going on with your laptops when you are not around, even if your users are rather tech savvy to remove their browsing history and all other activities, or browse in Incognito mode. While operating like a surveillance camera, it will record every single mouse click, key pressed, and their screen, yet in a secret and absolutely invisible mode.

Based on the most powerful spying engine, Activity Monitor from SoftActivity comes also with a bunch of advanced useful options, such as IntelliSnap technology for taking real-time screenshots, recording top used programs and website reporting, advanced report delivery features, highly encrypted log database, full support of all international characters and many others to match perfectly needs of even the most demanding clients.

Our laptop tracking software solution is fully compatible with all modern Windows OS versions (starting from Vista). Whenever you need to monitor your laptops activity remotely, consider Activity Monitor from SoftActivity, trusted by thousands of organizations around the world.


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Program for Parental Control on the Internet – SoftActivity Keylogger

September 29th, 2012

Have you ever thought that while allowing your children unrestricted Internet access, you put them at multiple risks including websites with unsuitable content, malicious spyware, viruses, hackers, online cheaters and many others? Consciously or unconsciously, they can easily get into various online traps. Just as the physical one, online safety of your children is not the thing to neglect.

Since you can’t be always behind to supervise your kids online and offline activities, installing monitoring software on their computer can be an ideal way out. At SoftActivity we suggest you to take advantage of our powerful, full-featured program for parental control that can be used in real-time and remotely. It will keep full track of what your kids are doing in a special encrypted log file available for further analysis.

Our SoftActivity Keylogger comes with the powerful spying engine and has a robust built-in logger to provide you with real-time data. While running absolutely invisibly in the background, it creates a log file to record everything, including: URLs visited, keystrokes typed, passwords entered, emails sent and received, chat conversations made, files downloaded and uploaded, programs run, etc. Due to the breakthrough IntelliSnap™ technology, SoftActivity Keylogger also takes desktop screenshots at predefined time intervals.

This smart parental control program starts working along with the operating system so as no single computer action will pass untraceable. Unlike video surveillance cameras, SoftActivity Keylogger remains always invisible as it operates in an absolutely stealth mode, so that your children will never know about being monitored. This is a very important concern for many parents who don’t want to offend their kids by violating their privacy.

Our program is fully compatible with all popular Windows versions, including XP, Vista and 7 and implies very easy and quick installation without any specific technical experience required. There is hardly another program available on the Web market that will provide you with such full control over online and computer activities of your kids as SoftActivity Keylogger does.


Home Computer Spy Software, Track Home Computer Remotely with SoftActivity

September 26th, 2012

Anyone with Internet access along with indisputable benefits may face some online threats sooner or later. This is especially true for kids and teenagers if you let them surf the World Wide Web without proper supervision. Here, it makes a great sense to start using home computer spy software solutions to ensure online safety of your beloved ones. SofActivity is ready to offer you all-in-one, yet affordably priced home computer spy program SoftActivity Keylogger that will make it possible to track your home computer remotely from any location.

Indeed, using our powerful home computer spy software will allow you to secretly view everything what is being performed on your kids PC without their knowing, unless you tell them. As a superb spying engine, SoftActivity Keylogger runs in the background and secretly records all websites visited, applications used, keystrokes typed, chat conversations made, emails sent and received, etc.

With the help of the advanced IntelliSnap™ technology, our home computer spy program can even capture screenshots of remote desktops at predefined time intervals. All recorded information is stored in a highly encrypted log file that cannot be viewed or tampered without knowing its password. From now on you can track your home computer remotely even if you’re far away from home as this advanced home computer spy software SoftActivity Keylogger can send reports to your mailbox with any necessary frequency – every few hours or minutes.

Same as you wouldn’t let your children go out without warning them about possible dangers, why would you let them enter this many-sided online world without proper supervision? Track your home computer remotely from any location you are in – be it either the next room within your home or an absolutely different country. With our sophisticated home computer spying program SoftActivity Keylogger this is as easy as 1-2-3.


Kids Computer Tracking Software, Monitor Children Online Activities

July 20th, 2012

With all this harmful and inappropriate content that can be easily found in the World Wide Web, it is really important for conscious parents to monitor children online activities and ensure their ultimate safety. You can use any type of kids computer tracking software to perform this crucial mission, but here, at, we take special pride by offering you one of the best kids computer tracking program SoftActivity Keylogger with multiple advanced features and options to meet any your related requirements to the fullest.

As a multifunctional solution, our kids computer tracking software provides such advanced features as screenshot capturing, keystroke and password recording, program monitoring and website tracking – in other words everything required to ensure absolute protection of your children’s computer use. You can also set up SoftActivity Keylogger to send email notifications about their online activities and computer use as often as you wish.

Besides, our advanced kids computer tracking program comes with a stealth mode, so it operates completely invisibly for a user monitored. That’s why your kids will never know that you’re keeping a watchful eye on their online activities unless you tell them. SoftActivity Keylogger can’t be terminated manually even through a Windows Task Manager without specific administrative privileges.

While the Internet opens the world full of enormous opportunities for your children, it exposes them to possible online threats at the same. If you want to protect young computer users from even the smallest Web threats, start using kids computer tracking software to monitor your children activities. Rest assured, our all-in-one tracking program SoftActivity Keylogger is exactly what you’re looking for.

Control Children's Computer with SoftActivity Keylogger

July 4th, 2012

For the last several years the Internet has become the biggest media resource around the Globe. However, unlike printed press, radio and TV where there are filters on what can be shown, said, done and written, the Internet comes absolutely unfiltered, and this results in substantial threats for under-aged users. Children may easily access web content and get in contact with people that they shouldn’t. There are plenty of websites on the web with inappropriate content, including tobacco and alcohol ads, racial and violent graphics and texts, hate groups, explicit material, etc.

Another widespread threat is various malicious spyware that can easily get into your computer system when your kids download any audio and video files, programs and applications, etc. While all these things appear on the Internet unchecked and therefore are easy to access for children, only parents are responsible for their online safety.

But how to control children computer remotely without offending them, as the most part of a day parents typically spend at work and when they are at home, they can’t simply stand behind? The IT field offers an extensive range of solutions available to solve these crucial issues – computer and Internet monitoring programs. In such a way, if you need an efficient, full-fledged and still reasonably priced parental control solutions, can be an ideal online destination to address all your requirements.

While understanding the importance of parental monitoring for the Internet and computer use and having mastered cutting-edge technologies and latest advancements in the computer world, we are ready to offer you one of the best parental spy software solutions available on the online market today. Our SoftActivity Keylogger will let you stay always aware of everything what is going on your home PC with minimum efforts involved.

It will run absolutely invisibly in the background and record secretly all keystrokes typed, passwords entered, websites visited, programs run and files downloaded. You can also view your children’s desktop in real-time or look through log files later. Another convenient option is to get reports emailed to you at regular predefined time intervals.


Stealth Computer Monitoring Software, Monitor Computer Remotely with SoftActivity

July 3rd, 2012

There is an extensive variety of computer monitoring solutions available on the online market today, but you need to know that not all of them are created equal. Many cope well with the task of recording activities performed, however they always leave signs that some spy program is installed on a computer and its user is being under surveillance.

From the ethical, precautionary or any other point of view, there is a high chance that this fact will not satisfy you. If it is not enough to simply get records on user activities and you need software to track computer usage in an absolutely secret mode, then stealth monitoring solutions can be an ideal option for you. SoftActivity takes special pride by offering you all-in-one stealth computer monitoring solutions – SoftActivity Keylogger, Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor – easy-to-use programs that will provide you with the deepest insight into what your users are doing when you are away.

Based on the latest IT spying technologies, all of our computer tracking programs represent smart tracking engines that run absolutely invisibly in the background and secretly record all activities being performed on a particular computer or network, from websites visited to keystrokes typed. Your children, students, employees or any other group of computer users will continue using the Internet and doing other activities without knowing that you’re monitoring them.

With our stealth computer monitoring programs you get highly effective tools to ensure around-the-clock parental supervision and guidance, prevent your students from doing unauthorized activities during studying hours, protect your business and intellectual property from information leakage, eliminate fraudulent activities and personal computer abuse. Whether you need to monitor your computer remotely and in a secret mode, is the only right way to go.