Stealth Computer Monitoring Software, Monitor Computer Remotely with SoftActivity

July 3rd, 2012

There is an extensive variety of computer monitoring solutions available on the online market today, but you need to know that not all of them are created equal. Many cope well with the task of recording activities performed, however they always leave signs that some spy program is installed on a computer and its user is being under surveillance.

From the ethical, precautionary or any other point of view, there is a high chance that this fact will not satisfy you. If it is not enough to simply get records on user activities and you need software to track computer usage in an absolutely secret mode, then stealth monitoring solutions can be an ideal option for you. SoftActivity takes special pride by offering you all-in-one stealth computer monitoring solutions – SoftActivity Keylogger, Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor – easy-to-use programs that will provide you with the deepest insight into what your users are doing when you are away.

Based on the latest IT spying technologies, all of our computer tracking programs represent smart tracking engines that run absolutely invisibly in the background and secretly record all activities being performed on a particular computer or network, from websites visited to keystrokes typed. Your children, students, employees or any other group of computer users will continue using the Internet and doing other activities without knowing that you’re monitoring them.

With our stealth computer monitoring programs you get highly effective tools to ensure around-the-clock parental supervision and guidance, prevent your students from doing unauthorized activities during studying hours, protect your business and intellectual property from information leakage, eliminate fraudulent activities and personal computer abuse. Whether you need to monitor your computer remotely and in a secret mode, is the only right way to go.


Setup of SoftActivity monitoring software with ESET NOD32 Antivirus

July 2nd, 2012

ESET NOD32 Antivirus may detect Activity Monitor or TS Monitor on your computer as Potentially Unwanted Program(PUP) or Win32/Spy.ActivityMonitor.D or Win32/KeyLogger.ActivityMonitor.AG threat. In fact, there is no virus in SoftActivity software. It only does what is declared in its features on this website, i.e. records user activity on the computers owned by your company. Recording is done with the computer owner’s permission.

To prevent ESET NOD32 Antivirus from detecting this threat you will need to exclude SoftActivity destination folder and/or thread name from scans as described below.

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How to Spy on a Computer with SoftActivity Tools

July 1st, 2012

With the abundance of entertainments available in the World Wide Web some people find it hard to control themselves and abuse Internet usage day by day, abstracting away from real life. Unfortunately, the internet addiction affects the family life, work and overall sense of reality dramatically.

When it comes to children as computer users you should keep in mind various violent and uncensored information available on the Internet. Children are often extremely curious and they can become exposed to some dangerous and inappropriate websites easily. That’s why, every conscious parent should keep a watchful eye on children’s Internet activity and protect them from inappropriate content and other online threats. If you’re one of those who would like to know how to spy on a computer, consider computer monitoring solutions from SoftActivity.

We take special pride to offer you a wide selection of real-time computer monitoring tools that may help tracking your office or home computer activity staying absolutely invisible for other computer users. These useful programs will ensure ultimate peace of mind, recording every single step your employees or children perform on their PCs – from emails sent and received, websites visited, keystrokes typed to programs run and files downloaded.

Our software keeps all the information recorded in a special log file that is stored on your administrator’s computer and you may have unrestricted access to it whenever required. In such a way, you can get accurate reports on the PC work duration, applications used, websites visited, conversations performed and more.

If you have faced with the problem of tracking any computer activity, it’s high time to visit and learn more about our programs and their functionality.


Computer Usage Tracking Software – SoftActivity Keylogger

June 30th, 2012

Every conscious parent will agree that today’s Internet and computer use may affect children behavior dramatically. With the computer being an indispensable part of kids’ life, studying has become much easier and more enjoyable for them. Unfortunately, along with the useful information they get online, there are plenty of uncensored websites with content not suitable for children. This is when computer usage tracking software is a must-have solution.

We take special pride to provide you with one of the best parental control monitoring programs that are designed to work completely invisibly for computer users while tracking all their activities. Keep in mind, that everyday computer abuse may have a negative impact on your children behaviour and it’s up to your to let your kids enjoy Internet opportunities without being affected by inappropriate information and undesirable contacts.

Our experienced development team has worked hard to deliver full-featured solutions, full of out-of-the-box features and options to make your parental monitoring easy and effective. SoftActivity Keylogger works at the background staying invisible for your kids and recording computer usage in real-time. Our Internet monitoring tool is able to log all the information about websites visited, emails sent and received, downloads performed, keystrokes typed, programs run, etc.

Fully rely on our computer monitoring software to track your kid’s Internet activity in a simple and hassle-free way. You don’t have to possess any specific computer skills to install and run our user-friendly applications to protect your family and business from possible online threats. If you’ve made up your mind to opt for powerful computer tracking software, visit SoftActivity today and download 15-day free trial versions.


Exclude SoftActivity Keylogger parental controls from Antivirus

June 28th, 2012

Most antivirus products do not detect any problems with SoftActivity Keylogger parental controls software. In fact, there is no virus or spyware in our SoftActivity Keylogger software. It only does what is declared in its features on the website, i.e. records your kids computer activity with your (as a parent) permission. Recordings are encrypted and can only be seen by you. We at SoftActivity do not have any access to the logs.
We recommend to add an exclusion in your antivirus to avoid detection and removal of SoftActivity Keylogger with any future updates of your antivirus product.

We have posted instructions for popular antivirus products here on the right side. If your antivirus is not in the list, follow these general instructions below.

The following instructions apply only for version 6 or newer of SoftActivity Keylogger. Upgrade to the latest version

  • To prevent any antivirus product from detecting, reporting or removing SoftActivity Keylogger from your computer, simply exclude C:\Windows\syspkgwk folder from scans in your antivirus
  • It is recommended to stop real time protection in your antivirus temporarily before downloading SoftActivity Keylogger
  • Then open Exclusions section in Settings in your antivirus, copy the folder name from here: C:\Windows\syspkgwk and add it to exclusions
  • Take into account, that browsing for folder will not show it, since it’s not created until the software has been installed. So, you will need to copy the name of the folder and paste it in your antivirus
  • If your antivirus does not allow entering folder name directly (only allows selecting a folder), then create the folder in Windows and select it
  • After the folder has been added to exclusions, simply download SoftActivity Keylogger and run downloaded file to install it on your computer
  • Enable real time protection in the antivirus if you have turned it off


Computer Remote Monitoring Software, Spy on a Computer Remotely –

June 6th, 2012

Do you know what a common problem today’s employers and parents have? Yes, this is the necessity to control their users’ computer and Internet activities in order to prevent misuse and abuse of these IT resources as well as keep them away and safe from various online threats. While filtering and blocking everything inappropriate is virtually impossible and standing behind your employee and children backs will obviously seem very offensive, remote and stealth monitoring of their activities may be the perfect way out.

Whether you are going to spy remotely on a home computer or your company entire network, SoftActivity is ready to offer you the solution matching any your related needs and requirements to the fullest. We carry the comprehensive range of advanced, yet affordably priced computer remote monitoring software solutions for children, employee and student activity monitoring needs. From now on, you can track every single computer move in your local network while staying absolutely invisible and undetected.

Let’s take a closer look on each particular product available online on our website. SoftActivity Keylogger is a powerful, fully functional computer monitoring tool designed specifically with the most demanding parent needs in mind. With the cutting-edge built-in keystroke recorder, it will let you know everything about your children online conversations in chat rooms and social networks, what websites do they visit, files download, games play, programs use and even how much time do they spend on each particular activity.

While Activity Monitor is an ideal spy software solution to monitor employee computers in the office LAN, SoftActivity TS Monitor comes perfectly for those business owners and managers who face with the necessity to monitor computer and Internet activities of employees teleworking from home or any other remote location. Both solutions will provide you with the fullest and deepest insight into the way your employees behave when they are supposed to work.

Take a chance to ensure your children absolute online safety and improve your employee productivity dramatically with powerful, yet easy-to-use monitoring solutions from

Software to Control Another Computer, How to Control a Computer from Another Computer

April 27th, 2012

The Internet contains an enormous variety of theats and unsuitable information that may present a big concern for you, if you are a conscious parent, employer or school administrator. With you children, employees or students having unrestricted computer and Internet access, it’s quite natural to wonder what is going on on their computers when you’re not around. If you want to know how to control a computer from another computer, SoftActivity is ready to assist.

While SoftActivity Keylogger is a full-featured parental monitoring program designed to provide you with ultimate control over your home and children computer, Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor come perfectly for network usage tracking needs in offices, schools and other establishments. All of our software products are based on the most powerful spying engine, technologies and latest advancements to give you the deepest insight into all computer and Internet activities performed, including: websites visited, emails sent and received, chat communications made, social networking, programs run, etc.

The built-in advanced IntelliSnap technology is another competitive advantage making SoftActivity computer control software solutions unique. In essence, it turns every single our tool into a surveillance camera allowing you to take regular desktop screenshots, remaining absolutely invisible. You can access these reports anytime you need or receive them to your mailbox.

All what you need to control another computer is to ensure that your PC is connected to the Internet. It’s only up to you to decide whether to let your children, employees or students know about the fact that they are monitored. When it comes for quality software to control another computer remotely, consider visiting