Moving SoftActivity Data folder to a new drive

This article applies to both Activity Monitor 11+ and TS Monitor 5+ products with the Webapp and PostgreSQL server database.

  • Data folder for storing logs and screenshots is selected during installation of the product and defaults to
  • If needed, an administrator can move the data to another drive. A local drive is preferred for better performance

Stop the Services

  • stop the following SoftActivity services, if present on the server:
    SapgSrv, SawebSrv, SalogSrv (only for Monitor), SalogSrvTsm (only for TS Monitor)

Move the folders using Files Explorer

  • Open Files Explorer and copy this name in the Address bar: C:\ProgramData\Salog\data\
    Note: You many need to assign access permissions to your own user account in order to access the data folder
  • Create a new folder on another drive with enough free space. In this example we will move all data to this new folder:
  • Move all folders from C:\ProgramData\Salog\data\ to the new folder including: pgdata, scr-web, download-cache (for Activity Monitor only)

Change folder path in settings

  • Open Options – Manage Database – Database tab
  • Select new folder for Central Database Folder for Screenshots:
  • Activity Monitor only: open Options – Database tab and select a new path for Local Cache Folder:
    click OK;

Change folder path for the PostgreSQL database

  • Now we need to change the database folder path for SapgSrv service (PostgreSQL database service installed by SoftActivity installer):
  • open Command Prompt As Admin and run this command:
    sc qc SapgSrv
  • notice BINARY_PATH_NAME that it shows and copy the value to clipboard. It will be something like this:
    "C:\Program Files\SoftActivity\Activity Monitor\postgres\bin\pg_ctl.exe" runservice -N "SapgSrv" -D "C:\ProgramData\Salog\data\pgdata" -s
  • replace the path after -D with the new folder name: “D:\SoftActivity\pgdata”
  • run this command to set a new binary path for the service that includes new database path:
    sc config SapgSrv binPath= "\"C:\Program Files\SoftActivity\Activity Monitor\postgres\bin\pg_ctl.exe\" runservice -N \"SapgSrv\" -D \"D:\SoftActivity\pgdata\" -s"
  • Important: you have to precede all quotations ” with a slash \ except the outermost quotations
  • make sure the command shows a SUCCESS result message at the end
  • start SapgSrv service and make sure it’s in Running state. Otherwise you can check for errors in Event Viewer -> Application Log for Source=PostgreSQL

Start the Services

  • start other SoftActivity services, if present:
    SawebSrv, SalogSrv, SalogSrvTsm (only for TS Monitor)
  • open Options – Database and click Check Connection and Check Access buttons
  • in case of connection problems or services not starting check Windows Event Log for errors