SoftActivity™ TS Monitor Overview. Monitoring Terminal Server Users

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You’re a responsible boss running a lean organization. You use a Terminal Server to cut IT costs. Your people log in remotely so they can work from anywhere, anytime. But are you really saving money – or are you paying your people not to work? What about insider security threats? You know there are problem-employees – but manually investigating them and sifting through the data is not working!

Stop reacting. Be proactive. Get the proven server monitoring solution used by small businesses, large international corporations, educational, non-profit and government organizations around the world for monitoring remote employees.

Monitor Terminal Server Users Remotely, and Effectively

Increase productivity. Prevent IP theft by insiders. Run SoftActivity TS Monitor invisibly (optional), without slowing down the server. When people know they’re being watched (although, by default it is invisible to users), they behave better. SoftActivity TS Monitor lets you:

  • Monitor remote workers on your Terminal Servers. They won’t even know you’re there. Audit Windows Remote Desktop (RDS) sessions and Citrix Virtual Apps, or XenApp applications.
  • Log websites they visit. Sure, they need to go off your company site to do their work. They don’t need to be on social media or shopping sites on work time, though. Show HR the report and take action.
  • Get an instant alert when users break company’s computer use policy set by you.
  • Record e-mails, IM chats and other workplace communications, even if they work from home. If they’re saying the wrong thing to the wrong people, you take action right now.
  • Generate reports that show user activity. Get the proof you need to take action. Get weekly activity reports by email.

Get total control over your corporate network. Install SoftActivity™ TS Monitor on your Windows RDS or Citrix servers.

Current version: 14.1 (new!) (changes) |


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OS: Windows Server 2022 to 2008R2, Citrix. System Requirements

Deployment: on-premise, or on the customer’s cloud-based resources

Log every user action in Terminal Server sessions

Capture screenshots of user activity using our proprietary IntelliSnap™ technology. It takes screen copies based on user actions.

Get a picture of each mouse click, visited web page, opened program, sent or received IM message.

Log used applications and work duration in every program with this terminal server monitoring software.

Log Internet surfing history with exact visited URLs and duration of stay on every page.

Know which websites are most frequently visited by users.

Web Console for viewing Recorded Activity

Administrators and Supervisors/Managers can view activity reports in SoftActivity web console using a web browser.

Dashboard shows company-wide user activity stats.

Top Programs report shows popular used applications for each user by time spent.

Top Websites report shows most visited websites and total time spent by users on each website.

View screenshots timeline for each website. Screenshots Timeline allows to quickly scroll through and view series of snapshot images for a selected website, application or any action.

View recorded series of screenshots as a slide show, like a recording on a security camera.

Administrator can create limited accounts for Supervisors to view recorded logs and reports. Supervisors can be assigned access only to certain groups of monitored users (i.e. departments).

Track User RDP Sessions and Idle time

Administrators and Supervisors can see users’ sessions represented as series of bars.

View in the Web console on Attendance page:

  • Log-in, Log-off date, time and Duration for each RDP- and local console session;
  • Remote client name and IP address;
  • Top apps and websites for each session, as well a number of keystrokes typed.

Filter sessions by a day and time interval.

Screenshots timeline for each session.

(new) Idle time tracking lets you see for how long and when exactly a user was away from their computer during the day. Screenshot

Monitor enterprise server farm or one server

Scalability from one terminal server to an enterprise farm of terminal servers.

Combines session logs from all servers into one Central database powered by enterprise-class PostgreSQL database server.

Install SoftActivity Webapp on a dedicated on-premise server, cloud-based server, or shared with the terminal server machine.

Supports Citrix Virtual Apps/XenApp farms.

Supports Remote Desktop Services (RDS) farms.

View TS Monitor Deployment Architecture in documentation

Email reports

Get daily, weekly and monthly reports by email. View reports on the go. No need to sign-in to the on-premise web console.

The reports show users productivity for the past period, and their attendance stats.

Each manager can received reports for users in their department they have access to, as assigned by the admin.

Emails are securely sent via your company’s SMTP server.

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Alerts based on user activity

If a user breaks company’s computer use policy, their supervisor or the admin gets an instant alert notification.

Admin can create alert rules based on visited websites, used applications, files or typed keystrokes. Screenshot

A set of pre-defined rules is supplied for popular social media, video websites and other unproductive categories, copying of files to USB etc.

Get alerts by email and view policy violations in the web console.

Spend less time monitoring users and take action at the right time when it matters.

Completely secure solution

Access to the program settings and logs is password protected. Strong password is recommended for better data protection.

Non-Administrator users on the monitored servers do not have permissions to see or access any files with recordings.

All data is stored on-premise on the customer’s server and is never transferred outside of your organization, or to the cloud.

Create limited accounts for Supervisors in the web console.

Web console supports secure HTTPS protocol. Administrator can set up the Webapp server to only accept HTTPS connections: [Screenshot]

No processes appear in Task Manager on the monitored server. The client program cannot be closed/terminated by monitored users.

Powerful search, filters and export

Filter logs and screenshots by User account, Server name, and dates interval.

Search all logs by a keyword.

Export reports to HTML, Excel (in CSV format) or PDF (save as PDF from exported HTML).

Navigate to any time of the day by quickly scrolling the screenshots timeline.

Easy deployment

Can be installed by the Administrator on Windows Terminal Server or Citrix [screenshot] like a regular desktop application, but works invisibly (optional).

Webapp can be easily installed on a dedicated Application server.

Installation package includes PostrgeSQL database server for express setup.

No changes are required on client computers/thin clients. Supports any thin client devices that are compatible with your terminal server.

Requires Administrator-level user rights on the server to install, uninstall, update or change any settings. Read the Installation Guide for Administrators

Monitor File Access

Track and prevent information theft and intellectual property theft by employees or unauthorized users.

View what documents they open and save.

Track files they download from the Internet, upload or attach to emails.

Monitor all types of drives: local, network, flash/thumb drives, hard drives connected to the server by USB.

Monitor selected folders that contain sensitive files.

View file operations, such as Read, Write, Delete, Rename, Move.

Increase Your Employees Productivity

Know the time spent on non-work related websites or entertainment apps

Log their communications: Email and chat

Records Emails sent and received by employees on the monitored servers. Supported types of email:

  • Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange® accounts;
  • Microsoft Outlook with POP3/SMTP/IMAP accounts via SSL or unsecured;

Web-based email messages, IM chat, and other communications can be seen on series of screenshots and in a keystrokes log. Select an app or website on Applications or Websites tab in the web console to view screenshots.

Includes Powerfull Keylogger (optional)

Logs all keystrokes typed by users in any application (optional).

Keylogger feature is optional and OFF by default. Admin can turn it ON if required for your company’s business case.

Text typed in all documents, web forums, chats, social networking or email sites can be seen in keystrokes log.

Keylogger technology from SoftActivity supports all languages.

Record secretly or notify users

TS Monitor can run invisibly for monitored users. It does not show any windows, there is no process in Task Manager, no files on the hard drive, nor Desktop or Start menu icons.

Warning! To use invisible mode you have to notify employees about monitoring and obtain their their consent by other means, such a computer use policy, or signed contracts.

Optionally, it can be set to show a warning message about monitoring to users at the time of logon.

Show a custom message to monitored employees with a reminder about company’s Acceptable Computer Use Policy. This will keep a warning sign on their screens and a tray icon reminding users about monitoring to prevent inappropriate computer use.

Try on your Windows Server or Citrix

This monitoring software for terminal servers supports all versions of Windows Server and Citrix

Record multiple user accounts

Records activity of multiple user accounts in terminal and local console sessions on the servers.

Records multiple simultaneous sessions on the server.

Select user accounts/security groups to record or set it to All Users. Exclude particular users/security groups from terminal server monitoring.

Supports servers in Active Directory or a Workgroup environment.

Support of all Windows Servers and Citrix Xenapp

Supports Windows Server 2022

Supports Windows Server 2019

Supports Windows Server 2016

Supports Windows Server 2012 and R2

Supports Windows Server 2008 R2

64-bit versions only.

TS Monitor is officially certified as Citrix Ready and supports Citrix Virtual Apps/XenApp. Records activity in remote Desktops or published Applications running on your Citrix server(s). Screenshot

Records Remote Desktop sessions on Windows Server.

Records RemoteApps hosted on Windows Server. RemoteApp is a feature of Windows Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services).

Supports physical or virtual (VM) servers

Multilingual & international

Can record and display their email, chat, other reports and record keystrokes in any language. TS Monitor is a Unicode program.

Records keystrokes typed in any language, including Japanese, Spanish, English, Arabic, Chinese etc.

The user interface is offered in English, Polish, Japanese, and Spanish languages.

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