SoftActivity Web console (installed on-premise):

View recorded users activity for your terminal servers. Click images below for full size view

Web console: View user activity reports recorded by TS Monitor. Dashboard shows company-wide stats

Web console: View screenshots of every user action. Filter screenshots by a website or application

Web console: Top Programs report - time spent by a user in different apps

Web console: Programs usage log with keystrokes and screenshots

Top Websites report: visited websites by total time spent. Select a website to view its screenshots

Complete Internet browsing history with duration of visit for every page

Documents security: view file operations performed by users

Attendance: view user sessions with log-on, log-off and idle times

Search and filters help you quickly locate useful information in the logs

Alerts based on user actions: visited websites, open applications, etc.

Admin panel: Alert rules setup to define company's computer use policy

Configuration window in TS Monitor client installed on a Terminal Server

Change recording settings on the monitored servers

Status tab in SoftActivity TS Monitor

Recordings tab. Select what actions by users should be recorded

Users tab. Select users and/or groups to record

Screenshots tab. Settings for taking snapshots of user actions

Files tab. Select folders and drives to record access to files: local, network, USB

Security tab. Set password and select user notification options

Database tab. Select PostgreSQL database for logs and a folder for screenshots

Webapp tab. Setup SoftActivity Web console server for viewing logs by supervisors

Privacy tab. Set a list of private applications and websites that should not be recorded

SoftActivity TS Monitor with Citrix XenApp