SoftActivity Monitor

Employee Monitoring Software: for Workstations

  • Problems at the office? Employees shopping on eBay or wasting time on Facebook? Doing everything but working? Or worse, stealing company intellectual property?
    You’re putting a stop to it, right now.
  • Monitor the computers of employees on your network in real time without them knowing.
  • Show them the reports and then take back control!
    Attendance, screenshots, visited websites, used applications, keystrokes, email, files.
  • New! Alerts for admins based on user actions in new version 11.5. Get notified when they break company’s policy.

Your Choice for Monitoring Users on: Workstations, Laptops, Desktop Computers, Virtual Computers, VDI


SoftActivity TS Monitor

Record User Sessions on Terminal Servers

  • They thought they could goof off when you’re not looking right at their computer? Well, no more Mr. Nice Guy.
  • Keep an eye on the troublemakers, whether they’re on at their desk in your office or working from home.
  • Secretly record every user action with TS Monitor.
    Then take action like a boss.
  • Record user sessions on Windows RDS or Citrix XenApp server farms. Screenshots, used applications, websites, files, keystrokes and more.
  • New! Alerts sent to managers, triggered by user actions: visited websites, used app, and more

Your Choice for Monitoring Users on: Terminal Servers, Windows Server, Citrix XenApp, RDP servers, server farms

SoftActivity. Computer Monitoring Software That Works Hard

Tired of the old ‘flinch-and-click’ as you walk by your employee’s desktop? Need proof that Mr. Jones is the disgruntled culprit sending those emails that could spark a lawsuit? Is Facebook your team’s biggest impediment to getting actual work done?

Finally, know for sure whether the people on your computer network are working hard or hardly working, one keystroke at a time.

SoftActivity computer monitoring software lets you:

  • View activity of multiple users on one screen in real time;
  • Track visited websites and used applications;
  • Record their emails, Skype chats and other communications;
  • Create reports you can use to improve security and productivity;
  • Get an instant notification when users break the company’s computer use policy;
  • Perform investigations of security incidents, investigate trouble high-risk employees;
  • Monitor vendor access to your company’s equipment;
  • Perform compliance auditing for HIPPA and PCI;
  • Reduce insider threat. Prevent intellectual property theft and data leaks by insiders;

The people on your network may not like computer monitoring software – but that’s why you need it.

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Why choose SoftActivity?

  • Trusted by 10,000+ of organizations in 150+ countries
  • We serve customers in a variety of industries: financial, IT services & MSP, manufacturing & industrial, wholesale & retail, insurance, healthcare, education, government and law enforcement, and more
  • Monitoring 200,000+ users
  • SoftActivity is in computer monitoring business for 15+ years

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What our customers think

  • Jon DeVito, CTO, Amiee Lynn: “From the first minute we installed Activity Monitor, we cut out half the time I was spending monitoring people manually.”
  • Eric, MSP and SoftActivity reseller: “Client is really happy and already saw an increase in productivity of up to 50%!”
  • J.S., A-Legal: “This software is so effective, we’ve been using it for over a decade!”

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12Jan 2018

TS Monitor 5.2 released

SoftActivity is announcing the release of new version 5.2 of SoftActivity TS Monitor, user monitoring software..