SoftActivity 14.2 on-premise major update

SoftActivity is announces the release of new version 14.2, a major update of its on-premise software for employee productivity tracking and insider threat detection, SoftActivity Monitor and TS Monitor.

The latest update improves web app loading times, adds detailed CSV export for Attendance, fixes issues with PDF exports, email alerts, and screenshot zoom, requires PostgreSQL 12+ by 2025, drops support for Windows Server 2008 in TS Monitor, and more.

What’s new in version 14.2

  • webapp: much faster page loading time on Users live view, and some other reports.
  • webapp: new type of CSV export on Attendance page: work sessions with duration, idle time and keystrokes for each session.
  • [fix]: webapp – Attendance export to PDF. Keystrokes typing rate per hour was missing in previous version.
  • webapp: export to CSV shows date and time in ISO format (for example, 2024-11-27 15:01:18), which is always accepted by Excel.
  • [fix]: email alerts and reports sending stopped working on some customers’ servers.
  • [fix]: webapp – zoom on screenshot images was broken.
  • improved reliability of file operations recording feature in the Client App, and fixed some random crashes.
  • a reminder to admins to upgrade PostgreSQL database server used by SoftActivity. We are announcing the planned retirement of support for PostgreSQL versions older than 12 after January 10, 2025. PostgreSQL version 12 or newer will be required.
  • [TS Monitor] support for Windows Server 2008 has been discontinued. Now supports Windows Server 2012 and later versions. Customers requiring TS Monitor on Windows Server 2008 are advised to continue using version 14.1 for the time being.
  • numerous minor improvements and fixes.

Update now

Download a free demo here

SoftActivity Monitor, for workstations: Upgrade SoftActivity Monitor to the latest version

TS Monitor, for monitoring servers: Upgrade TS Monitor to the latest version

June 24th, 2024