SoftActivity version 12.8 maintenance release

March 2nd, 2022

SoftActivity announces the release of new version 12.8 of its employee productivity tracking software products, SoftActivity Monitor and TS Monitor. This software is also used by a lot of organizations for insider threat detection.

Upgrade is recommended to all users.

What’s new in version 12.8

  • [web console] Attendance PDF report – added total sessions duration for a user for the whole period of a report.
  • SoftActivity Monitor desktop app now supports rounded corners when running on Windows 11.
  • fix: Internet browsing history log – on rare occasions website visit duration was incorrectly recorded as very long, sometimes longer than a day.
  • don’t record website visits of less than one second.
  • [web console] fix: occasional error 500 when exporting PDF report from Dashboard. Email report was also not being sent sometimes.
  • [web console] An obsolete Chat view has been removed from the web console, since recording of chats has been previously discontinued.
  • support of the latest versions of web browsers
  • other fixes and improvements.
SoftActivity Monitor 12.8 on Windows 11 in dark mode
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SoftActivity version 12.7 with support of Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022

November 1st, 2021

SoftActivity is announcing the release of new version 12.7 of its user monitoring software, SoftActivity Monitor and TS Monitor, used by organizations for insider threat detection and employee productivity tracking.

SoftActivity Monitor adds support of Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022. Customers can now install Agent client app and Monitor on any version of Windows starting with 7.

SoftActivity TS Monitor adds supports of Windows Server 2022. Customers can now record user sessions on any version of Windows Server starting with 2008R2.

Other changes in version 12.7:

  • Agent (SoftActivity Monitor Client App) setup program is now more intuitive with more options and explanations in UI, allowing admin to install Agent in visible mode for monitored users, with on-screen warnings. On-screen warnings can turned Off and On in Monitor app later by the admin.
  • Silent installation from command line, and remote installation are still supported and will install Agent in hidden mode.
  • minor fixes and improvements, including support of the latest web browser versions.
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SoftActivity new version 12.6 with Users Dashboard

June 11th, 2021

We are glad to announce the release of new version 12.6 of its leading user monitoring applications SoftActivity Monitor and TS Monitor. SoftActivity is used by thousands of organizations for employee productivity tracking and protection against insider threats.

This upgrade will make it easier to monitor users in almost real time mode in web console, without installing the desktop Monitor app for the managers. This can also be done in TS Monitor now.

This upgrade is recommended to our all customers.

What’s new in version 12.6:

  • new Users Dashboard view in web console:
    • see all monitored users next to each other with the remote screen image, latest website and app.
    • it is similar to Dashboard view in Monitor desktop app, but this does not require installing the app.
    • screens update close to real time, with around 1 min delay, depending on how often you set to take screenshots.
    • does not require refreshing the web page manually.
    • filter users by a group, last active time, name, and signed-in status.
  • TS Monitor 12.6 has now switched version numbering to the same as Monitor, to better indicate inter-compatible versions. TS Monitor version prior to 12.6 was 6.5.
  • download multiple selected screenshots. Can be used to keep a copy of images as evidence, or for reporting purposes.
  • improved quality and increased size of thumbnail images for screenshots.
  • fix: PDF export of Attendance report filtered by a group did not work.
  • fix: alerts counter will update in real time and a popup notifications should appear in browser for alerts.

  • fix: errors on Top programs (now Applications) & Top websites (now Websites) views.
  • numerous UI improvements in web console.
  • new command line option to force run cleanup of logs and screenshot files older than a set retention interval:
    sawebsrv.exe --cleanuplogs
  • Keylogger (keystrokes recording option) is now OFF by default for new installations to help protect users’ privacy. It can be enabled by the admin in Monitor app if your organization requires this.
  • Chat recording feature has been removed from the product since it only supported Skype, which is not widely used on business desktop computers anymore. Chat history in any messengers can be viewed on screenshots in web console – Applications view. Chat view still remains in web console to view old messages, and will be removed in the next version.
  • Other fixes and improvements
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SoftActivity Monitor 12.5 with web console enhancements

March 5th, 2021

SoftActivity is glad to announce the release of new version 12.5 of SoftActivity Monitor, its leading user activity monitoring software that helps teams around the world to improve their employee productivity and protect against insider threats.

This update is recommended to all customers.

What’s new in version 12.5:

  • [web console] added the following info into Attendance (also in PDF export and email reports) to help estimate employee productivity level:
    • daily idle time (when a user is logged-in but inactive);
    • idle percentage;
    • number of typed keystrokes;
    • and average hourly keystrokes rate.
  • [web console] export of Attendance report: select a standard range of dates, such as last 7 days, etc. instead of just two dates.
  • fix: [web console] export of Dashboard to PDF the same number of records as on screen. Previously was always 10.
  • fix: [web console] export of Attendance to CSV had incorrect format of date and time for some records.
  • fix: sometimes it failed to clean up old logs on the server.
  • fix: remote Agent installation via PowerShell script failed.
  • fix: updating Agents sometimes required Windows restart in the end.
  • improved Powershell scripts to install & uninstall Agent remotely. See agent\install-agent-remotely.ps1 and agent\uninstall-agent-remotely.ps1
  • dropped support of Windows Vista for security reasons. Minimum version supported now is Windows 7.
    * if support of Win Vista is needed, we advice to continue using version 12.4
  • numerous other improvements and fixes in web console, desktop app and Agent.
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SoftActivity Monitor 12.4 with idle time tracking

November 18th, 2020

SoftActivity announces the release of SoftActivity Monitor version 12.4, its leading user activity monitoring (UAM) solution helping thousands of organizations improve their employee productivity.

By popular requests it now allows our customers to track employees idle time, which helps improve team productivity, especially for remote teams handling challenges of working from home.

What’s new in version 12.4:

Idle time tracking in SoftActivity
  • Idle time tracking. Attendance view in web console now shows idle intervals, i.e. for how long a user was away. This lets you track if employees are away from their computers, or actually working. Adjust the idle timeout in minutes in All Agents – Properties – Monitoring tab in Monitor app. Default idle timeout value is 5 minutes.
  • Attendance view in web console: Zoom to Sessions button to quickly switch to a work day, instead of manually selecting start & end times.
  • fix: [web console] clean up of old logs previously could take a lot of RAM on the server and fail.
  • other fixes and improvements
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SoftActivity Monitor 12.3 maintenance release

July 15th, 2020

SoftActivity is glad to announce the release of SoftActivity Monitor version 12.3 for monitoring users activity on the company workstations.

Improvements in version 12.3:

  • support of new versions 83+ of Microsoft Edge browser for internet tracking.
  • fixed: broken remote screen view on some Win7 computers.
  • minor fixes and improvements.
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SoftActivity Monitor 12.2 with daily and monthly email reports

May 20th, 2020

SoftActivity announces the release of new version 12.2 of SoftActivity Monitor, its leading user monitoring solution helping thousands of organizations improve their employee productivity.

It’s designed to help during the times when many teams transition to remote work. SoftActivity Monitor can be used for monitoring work computers taken off-premise and connected via private network, office workstations in situations when employees connect from home via Remote Desktop or locally, and your Citrix or VMWare VDI infrastructure.

Admins can now receive daily, weekly or monthly reports on users productivity and attendance. View the reports on the go securely on your phone, without a need to sign-in to the application.

What’s new in version 12.2 release:

  • improved image quality of screenshots and remote screen view.
  • reduced CPU and RAM usage by Agent, even further reducing Agent footprint on a monitored PC. It now uses GPU for hardware-accelerated image processing.
  • fixed: occasional crashes in Agent (samimpl.exe) on some computers.
  • fixed: in some rare cases, download-cache folder was growing on the server and taking a lot of hard drive space.
  • fixed: black box on the screen on a monitored computer around the mouse cursor, when users connect to their workstation remotely via RDP.
  • minor: brought back an option to capture screenshots even when a user is idle, which allows recording screen history of idle computers.

Web console:

  • get a daily and monthly email report of users activity. (Previously there was only a weekly report).
    SoftActivity advises customers to schedule reports by email for managers, as the reports are very useful, and can be viewed even on a smartphone without a need to log into the on-premise webapp. See instructions at the bottom.
  • scheduled email reports now include Attendance report. See it in a separate PDF file attached.
  • new reports in Dashboard export to PDF and by email:
    • Top apps for each user;
    • Top websites for each user;
    • Top users by alerts triggered, with a list of top alerts;
  • minor: export to CSV limit increased to 100,000 lines up from 10,000.
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