SoftActivity Monitor benefits. Easy user monitoring for organizations

  • Increase personnel productivity instantly.
    • Eliminate personal use of the Internet, unrelated emails, IM communication and social networks at work
    • Prevent viewing of inappropriate content by employees at work
    • Stop employees wasting work time on computer games and watching videos
  • Protect your company from legal lawsuits & reduce liability risks.
    • In most jurisdictions, employers hold some form of liability and accountability for the actions of their employees. You need to monitor employee communications
    • Employees can sue the company for a hostile workplace environment if they are unwittingly exposed to inappropriate or offensive materials on company computers or harassment via email, for example
  • Protect your company from fraudulent activity.
    • Employees often have access to sensitive personal information which can either be misused or sold on to a third party.
    • Protect against insider threats
  • Protect from intellectual property and trade secrets theft
    • A recent study by Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute found that 75% of IPT’s were carried out by current staff members.
  • Keep records of your company’s electronic communications
    • For some companies/organizations retention of records can be a regulatory compliance requirement. For instance: HIPPA for healthcare industry, FIPPA and PCI for financial industry, PII (personally identifiable information) protection
    • Collected records can be used in an internal investigation if such need arises


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Other SoftActivity Monitor features for monitoring your workstations

  • Real time monitoring – you see it instantly when users type text on their computers
  • Auto-detection of all networked computers with Agent installed in the same subnet
  • Monitor multiple employee computers simultaneously from a single workstation in LAN ( Screenshot). Free trial allows monitoring of only one computer
  • Workplace monitoring software part, running on the PC monitored, is difficult to find for an employee as it runs completely invisible. Users can not see nor terminate SoftActivity Agent in Task Manager. They can not see recorded logs as well
  • Install, uninstall or update Agent program remotely from the administrator’s PC
  • Automatically download recorded files from all computers on a scheduled basis and store them in a central database
  • Automatic update of Agents on all remote computers from SoftActivity Monitor. There is no need to reinstall the client on all computers when a new version is released
  • Optional “Aware” mode allows you to notify employees about monitoring of their actions. It will display a warning to users when they login, display a window on desktop and an icon in their system tray
  • Easy to install and use

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