How-To Resources

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Network configurations supported by Activity Monitor
How to deploy Activity Monitor in your office network

Setup Activity Monitor on multiple computers with shared Database
How several managers can view user activity reports in their office from one database on the server

How to fix a problem with Agents offline or missing in the list
What to do if you cannot connect to a remote computer

How to move Server to another computer
Migrating Activity Monitor Server to a different physical machine

Legacy Knowledgebase
More how-to articles about Activity Monitor and other SoftActivity products. Some info maybe outdated

Antivirus setup with Activity Monitor

Some antivirus products can detect Activity Monitor as a monitoring software and even remove it from your computers. SoftActivity recommends adding exclusions in your antivirus so you can monitor your employee computers and still have the safety of antivirus protection

General Instructions for any antivirus product
How to exclude Activity Monitor from your antivirus

How to exclude Activity Monitor and other SoftActivity monitoring products from scans in ESET NOD32 antivirus

Symantec Endpoint Protection 11/12
Exclude Activity Monitor from scans in Symantec products

Norton Antivirus
Norton Antivirus and Norton Security line of products compatibility with Activity Monitor

AVG antivirus product and Activity Monitor

Avira AntiVir
Exclude Activity Monitor from Avira

avast! Antivirus
How to add an exclusion for Activity Monitor in Avast

Admin needs to exclude Activity Monitor and Agent folders and if possible System.Monitor.Activmon threat according to instructions at Webroot’s website. Folders are listed in Activity Monitor General Antivirus instructions

Microsoft Security Essentials