Cannot connect to a remote computer: Agent is offline

Problem: Remote computers do not appear in the list in Activity Monitor or show up as offline (with red icons) or I can not connect to monitored computers

Try these possible solutions:

  1. Make sure you have installed Agent software on the monitored computer. This can be done remotely from Activity Monitor or locally.
  2. Selected “Show All Agents” in the Agent list toolbar and click <All Agents> group. Otherwise, some Agents can be filtered out from the list and not show up.
  3. If the computer is missing from the list, click Search Network for New Agents and wait a few seconds for the computer to appear in the list. Make sure that “Search network for new Agents” check mark in Options – Other is ON.
  4. Close and re-open Activity Monitor. Then try connecting to a remote computer again by double-clicking its icon in the list.
  5. Agents are only added automatically to the list if they are on the same IP subnet. If they are not, add them manually by IP address or DNS host-name (computer name). After you add Agent manually Activity Monitor should be able to communicate with Agent and it should go online in the list.
  6. Check if Agents and/or Activity Monitor are not blocked by antivirus software. If you have any antivirus product installed we recommend to add Activity Monitor to Ignore/Exclusions list. Then reinstall the program. Instructions for popular antivirus products
  7. Open Agent Properties or switch the list into Details View and check the IP address of the remote computer. It can be either IPv4 or IPv6 address. Make sure that the IP address is correct. You can check it by pinging the remote computer. If the IP is incorrect, there maybe a problem with DNS server in your network. If the host name resolves to an incorrect IP address, Activity Monitor will be unable to connect. You can fix this by entering an IP address directly instead of the host name. But DNS name is preferred, since the IP can change anytime.
  8. Restart the remote computer or:
    restart Agent service called SamSvc in Windows on the remote computer. You can do it from command prompt As Admin by typing:

    sc stop SamSvc
    sc start SamSvc

    or remotely from your computer (with Domain Admin rights):

    sc \\COMPUTER stop SamSvc
    sc \\COMPUTER start SamSvc

    In case you find no SamSvc service present on the remote computer, it means that Agent is not installed, or has been deleted by an antivirus. Add antivirus exclusion and install Agent to fix.

  9. Reinstall Agent on the remote computer. To see any possible installation errors, do it locally by running amagent.exe file. It can be found in this folder on your computer: C:\Program Files\SoftActivity\Activity Monitor\Agent
  10. Check if Agent is not blocked by a firewall. Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and check if there is an Exception rule called “AM Agent 5” that allows all communications for amsvc.exe file. This exception is created at the time of Agent installation. Make sure that the rule is ON for All profiles, such as Private, Public, Domain or at least for currently active firewall profile. If there is other firewall software installed you should create such rule for amsvc.exe file. Finally, if you are on a private and secure network, try disabling firewall temporarily and check if Agent appears online in Activity Monitor.
  11. Check if Activity Monitor on your (admin’s) PC is not blocked by a firewall. In case it’s blocked, all Agents will appear offline and you will not be able to monitor any computers. Try disabling the firewall temporarily for test if you are on a private and secure network.
  12. Contact SoftActivity Technical Support for assistance.
June 23rd, 2015