Keylogger Software

What do a majority of cyber breaches have in common? Humans, the human aspect is usually why something is compromised. Whether it be someone was lazy and forgot to update a server or an employee didn’t properly lock their computer at the end of a workday. Humans contribute to the bulk of mishaps when it comes to cyber incidents. There is a saying within the security industry, trust but verify. A great way to accomplish this guideline is to invest in a keylogger solution for your company.

What is a Keylogger?

A keylogger can be both hardware and/or software. Hardware keyloggers are small USB dongles that plug into the computer you want keystrokes recorded on. One advantage to using hardware keyloggers over software ones are that they usually can capture keystrokes as soon as the computer is turned on, thus are able to capture things like user passwords. Hardware keyloggers can also easily be used maliciously if the user is unaware that there keystrokes are being captured by an unknown keylogger device. At the enterprise level, a more manageable solution would be using a software based keylogger for monitoring employees.

Keylogging software can drastically increase the visibility in your IT department. Keyloggers are a piece of software that has an agent installed on every machine in your company. It captures user events and reports back in ether live or recorded feed. Types of events that are recorded include both inputs on the keyboard or computer applications the user has interacted with. Here are some of the features you can get with keylogger software:

  • Record keystroke activity
  • Record any websites visited as well as snapshots of the website.
  • Logs around instant messages and email sent or received
  • Applications opened by the user in a certain period of time

The above are just a few features that you can expect from a keylogger. By having this visibility in your environment you are taking a proactive approach to information security and protecting your company’s digital assets. Below are couple use case examples what a keylogger would help prevent:

  • A disgruntled employee copying source code or social security numbers and sending them out to their Google Drive.
  • Malware/phishing investigations, being able to see truly what the user seen and compare it to the action taken on the site.
  • Sending emails out of the company containing login credentials for an admin account on a management server.

How do I get a keylogger for my company?

There are several companies out there that provide keylogger software, one great example of a solution would be from SoftActivity. SoftActivity provides both a user activity monitor for workstations and a Terminal Server monitoring solution. The user activity monitor for workstations provides an eagle eye view into user activities by using the following:

  • Silent monitoring
  • Website usage
  • Session recordings
  • Keystrokes recording

Below is an example of what it looks like to monitor a user’s keystrokes activity in real time remotely with SoftActivity Monitor software:

(click the image to enlarge)

The Terminal Server monitoring solution from SoftActivity offers the ability to track user activity off premise as well as sessions recording, Internet monitoring and effective ways to set thresholds for things like time of day usage. The following features will allow for an easy transition into your company:

  • Supports all Windows Operating Systems (as well as servers)
  • Deploy Agent remotely and silently in your organization
  • Data is securely stored on-premise
  • Easy to understand GUI for viewing logs in a web browser

At the end of the day, Cyber-attacks are increasing and the weakest vector of compromise is the users in your network. Having a good keylogger solution in place will help you stay proactive as well as reactive when you may need it the most. A popular saying in the security industry is “It is not IF, but when you get breached”. There are a lot of cyber criminals out there looking at your every weakness, don’t make it easy for them, and invest in a keylogger solution today.

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