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Nobody would ever need monitoring software if everyone was hard-working and trustworthy, like you.

Sadly, your people are out of control. They’re on Facebook. Looking for designer shoes on eBay. Watching funny cat videos. Conquering a Massive Multiplayer kingdom. Even worse, confidential information is leaking outside your network – but who did it?

You don’t have time to babysit them at their computers – and spending valuable IT time investigating these trouble-makers is prohibitive. You’ve got a business to run!

Download SoftActivity and ensure that employees are staying productive, even when working remotely.

Get the Employee Monitoring Software that Works

Monitor every PC on your Local Area Network. Whether you’re monitoring company workstations or university campus network users, catch them in the act. Show them the proof. Take action. Our computer activity monitor solution lets you:

  • Remotely Monitor Their Work Computers. View their computers in real time – from your own PC. SoftActivity Monitor can work invisibly (if your company has users consent to collection of information), without slowing down their computers.
  • Track websites visited. Tom from accounting was on Facebook for 3 hours a day, every day this week? Let him explain that to HR.
  • Track their work time and time away from the computer. Productivity reports show login, logoff times, and when users are idle.
  • Record keystrokes in work apps, emails, websites and IM chats in real time. See what’s happening as it’s happening. End workplace harassment, IP theft and more.
  • View multiple computers at the same time in your network. See disasters coming and prevent them from happening.
  • Generate reports and schedule screen captures. Then show the bad guys the evidence. Even better, show everyone.
  • Protect against insider threats. Your employees could be putting your company at risk.

Questions about monitoring employees? Read our comprehensive employee monitoring guide.

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Current version: 14.2 (new!) (changes) |

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Operating systems: Windows 11 (new), 10, 8, 7; Windows Server 2022 to 2008R2. System Requirements

Deployment: on-premise | with our without domain/AD | LAN or VPN


You can easily have a look at any user’s desktop in real time. Dashboard shows at a glance live view of remote screens, like a security camera: Screenshot

Supports remote computers with multi-monitor configurations.


View their web surfing history. Record all URLs visited in any web browser including social media, webmail, search history and other websites. Screenshot

SoftActivity even records Internet activity when a user is browsing in Incognito/Private mode, or clears their web browser history.

Websites report shows total time spent by users on each website, with screenshots.

User testimonials

Jon DeVito , CTO, Amiee Lynn, USA

"From the first minute we installed Activity Monitor, we cut out half the time I was spending monitoring people manually."

J.S. , A-Legal, USA

"This software is so effective, we’ve been using it for over a decade!"


Monitor used apps in real time. With this feature you know what applications and for how long your users run during the day.

Applications report shows in what programs users spend the most time.

Apps History log with time stamps and screenshots for every user.

Our employee monitoring tool records local and remote sessions, such as RDP/RDS, TeamViewer, LogmeIn, and others on your computers. Monitor your remote employees that connect from home.

Web Console for Admins and Supervisors

View PC activity reports for all computers and users in a convenient Web Console using a web browser. Web console is installed on-premise.

Access control: web console accounts for multiple supervisors/managers with limited access only for viewing certain users or groups.

Dashboard with company-wide stats of computer usage: top used programs, websites, most active users Search reports and filter by date, computer, user or a group.

Export reports to PDF for printing or sharing (screenshot), and to Excel in CSV format for advanced analysis  and reporting.

Alerts and Email Reports

If a user breaks company’s computer use policy, their supervisor or the admin gets an alert notification.

Admin can create alert rules based on user activity, such as visited websites, used apps, accessed files or typed keystrokes. Screenshot

A set of pre-defined rules is supplied for popular social media, video websites and other unproductive categories, copying of files to USB etc.

Get alerts by email and view policy violations in the web console. Spend less time monitoring users and take action at the right time when it matters.

Daily, weekly and monthly report by email that contains computer usage stats for all users. View it even on your phone without logging in to the web console. Sample email reports:
Users Activity Report
Attendance – sign-in/sign-out times

Monitor all computers in your office now!

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Track User Attendance and Idle time

Record attendance and boost employees productivity. Time tracking of user sessions with the following information displayed for each work session:

  • Log in, log off timestamps for tracking work hours
  • Computer and user name
  • Session duration and idle time (when a user is away from the computer)
  • Top 5 used apps and websites
  • Number of keystrokes typed
  • Complete timeline of screenshots

Idle time tracking lets you see for how long and when exactly a user was away from their computer during the day. Screenshot

Email and Chat communications history

Record Emails sent and received by employees on their work computers. Supported email systems:

  • Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange® accounts;
  • Microsoft Outlook with POP3/SMTP/IMAP accounts via SSL or unsecured;
  • View web-based email messages, such as gmail, on series of screenshots on Websites tab in SoftActivity Web Console

View chat in Teams, Zoom, Slack and other communications on series of screenshots in Applications report.

View Keystrokes in real time

View keystrokes typed by users in real time on your screen with our employee monitoring software. You can also view keystrokes history in the web console. Passwords, emails, chat conversations – you have the full picture! Keylogger feature is optional and OFF by default.

SoftActivity’s keylogger technology supports all international characters and allows monitoring keystrokes in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, and any other languages.

Note: keystrokes recording is optional and is OFF by default. It can be turned on by the admin if required by the company’s policy or industry regulations.

Screenshots History

The system takes snapshots of the remote PC screen with SoftActivity’s IntelliSnap™ technology. Easy monitoring of workers activity without your presence. Record just an active app or whole screen.

Screenshots are recorded on all network computers and stored in a single centralized location on the main computer/server.

View detailed browsing history for each website as series of screenshots. Easy to track their Facebook, web-based email, web search history, chats, forums, etc. Screenshot

Filter screenshots by an application or a website.  Screenshot

IntelliSnap™ technology can capture screenshots based on user actions, rather than just time intervals. You will see a copy of employee screen for every visited web page, every sent or received email or chat message. It can capture screenshots from as often as once per second to once in a few minutes.

View screens of all computers in your LAN & VPN network

Help remote workers stay productive

Powerful server database

SoftActivity Web Console is powered by PostgreSQL high-performance open source database server for storing activity logs collected from the monitored computers. It allows to securely store large amount of data on premise. Encryption can be enabled on a hard drive level using Windows BitLocker technology.

PostgreSQL is included in the installation package and runs on premise on a customer’s server or admin’s PC. Customers have an option to use their existing PostgreSQL server installed on Unix or Windows platform.

SoftActivity Monitor Server application downloads activity logs from Client Apps into the Central Log Database. Logs do not consume a lot of disk space on on the monitored computers.

Record access to sensitive files

Trace and prevent information theft by employees.

Track possible file theft by employees on USB flash drives or external hard drives.

View what documents they open and save. Track files users download from Internet, upload or attach to emails.

Monitor all types of drives: local, network, flash/thumb drives, and USB-connected drives. Monitor selected folders that contain sensitive files.

View all file operations such as Read, Write, Delete, Rename and Move.

Completely secure employee monitoring

Only authorized managers and supervisors can connect to a remote computer or sign in to the on-premise Web Console to view employee activity logs.

Network communications are TLS-encrypted. Central Log Database is securely stored in PostgreSQL server installed on-premise.

If required for HIPPA, or PCI  compliance, the database and screenshots can be stored on an encrypted drive, using BitLocker or other OS- or hardware-level encryption technology.

No data flows outside of your company’s network – the system is not cloud based.

Logs that are temporarily stored on the monitored employee computers are encrypted and protected by NTFS permissions, so the users cannot view or modify them.

Not detected as a threat by most antivirus products. Although we recommend to add an antivirus exclusion to avoid future detection.

Stealth technology

SoftActivity stealth technology (optional) makes our monitoring software completely invisible for monitored users.

Warning! Stealth  Mode is only available to companies and organizations for monitoring work computers. Companies must ensure that monitoring employees is permitted in their jurisdiction, and obtain users consent to collection of information. SoftActivity offers Visible Mode in Client App to help notify employees. (More info)

Stealth  mode is Not available in a downloaded Demo.

  • No files on a hard drive, no processes in Task Manager or services in Windows are visible to monitored users.
  • No icons on the Desktop or Start menu, no windows displayed, no traces of monitoring tools.
  • Admin can install the Client App remotely and silently on the monitored computers and start tracking users in seconds.
  • Users won’t be able to interfere with the monitoring application, or recorded data.

Protect your company from employee fraud

Store all their communications history

Remote deployment

Network Administrator can easily and quickly install the Client App (Agent) remotely and silently to multiple monitored computers.

Mass-deploy the Client App onto computers you want track in your Active Directory Domain via Group Policy or a Powershell script.

Install the Client App locally by running an installation file. Optionally, include installed Agent into an OS image for Virtual Desktop (VDI) deployments.

Agent application uses minimal resources of a monitored PC. There is no overhead on CPU, RAM, battery life and or drive space, and no noticeable impact on the user’s experience.

Docs – how to deploy client app

Supports multiple users & departments

SoftActivity solutions are used in small businesses with a simple LAN, as well as in large organizations with multiple departments and physical locations.

Multiple managers in a company can track users in their departments. Create accounts for managers in Web Console and assign access to certain users or groups.

In addition, Monitoring Console desktop app can be installed on a manager’s computer for real time viewing.

An employee’s computer can be monitored by more than one supervisor at the same time from their workstations in real time. View how to setup SoftActivity Monitor in your network architecture

Audit log. Monitor other admins’ and managers’ actions in SoftActivity web console. View history of sign-in and sign-out events, and changes they make to the system.

Control over the networked computers

View remote running applications, including system processes. Start or terminate apps remotely.

Turn off or restart computers remotely, or log off a user, and more.

International & Multi-lingual app

SoftActivity employee monitoring solution can record and display emails, chats, keystrokes and all reports in any language. SoftActivity Monitor is a unicode program.

User interface is available in these languages: English, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazil, Polish, Spanish. Web Console: English and Spanish.

Increase your staff productivity

Record workers Internet use

Guide to Employee Monitoring Software

A powerful tracking tool, employee monitoring software can boost employee productivity, stay on top of insider threats, block potential malicious attacks, and improve employee morale.

Employee monitoring is much more than simple employee time tracking and is a necessary asset for every business. Read our guide to learn why your company needs employee monitoring.

Why Successful Companies Use Employee Monitoring Software

When used alongside on-site security, productivity plans, and IT security, employee monitoring software can support both cybersecurity goals and productivity goals. Employee monitoring software can:

  • Help reduce the security risks associated with outside hackers
  • Monitor internet usage and alert admin to an intrusion
  • Monitor user behaviors and alert admin to insider threats
  • Report on wasted time, such as the amount of time employees spend on social media
  • Monitor remote working employees
  • Create additional security barriers to protect sensitive data during a data breach
  • Alert admin to malware
  • Identify phishing attempts
  • Support recovery after a cyber attack
  • Employ user behavior analytics to better protect against insider threats or identify ongoing attacks
  • Secret monitoring with remote access installation and configuration

A program that can be secretly installed on any connected computer, or computer that the business has admin access to, employee monitoring software can monitor the computer functions on that device.

Employee productivity software is more than simple time tracking software. Use it to monitor security threats and improve employee productivity.

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software is a program that is designed to monitor and track user behaviors on the computer it is installed on.

Webapp employee monitoring dashboard

Common features of this software include recording the apps, programs, and websites that the user has visited during the recorded time, as well as keystroke logging and user behavior analytics (UBA). By using this software, an employer or organizational overseer can verify that the users were working during work hours and also protect against those insider threats that aim to steal from or harm the business.

Generally, a productivity tracker like employee monitoring software will track the user behaviors when an employee is on company time and time is being recorded. In most cases, employee productivity tracking software will largely depend on the employee to manually log work time. In this scenario, the employee would know about the software and would need to manually start and stop the timer when they are working on a specific project or task.

However, this is not always the case. Other times, this software can record anything that happens on the computer when it is turned on.

Because employee productivity tracking software can be paired with insider threat detection and cybersecurity features, you can have it set up to continually track computer activities to protect your company against insider threats and other security issues. In this instance, the employee monitoring software would be running secretly in the background. The main use case for this would be identifying insider threats.

What Computer Activities Will Employee Monitoring Software Track?

Naturally, there are concerns around the types of activities that employee monitoring software can track.

While this employee monitoring tool can come with a range of features, employee monitoring software most commonly tracks working time, the time spent on projects or tasks, the apps and websites that an employee visit while on the clock, typical user activity (like user behavior analytics), time wasted, and it also alerts admin to atypical employee activity.

Other features include the ability to take screenshots of an employee’s computer so that the admin can see exactly what is happening at given intervals. It can also log keystrokes, or all the strikes on a computer, and monitor the bandwidth over a network connection to track uploads and downloads.

Some software can also enable GPS tracking, which is particularly useful for mobile workers.

Productivity Features Included in Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software comes with a range of productivity features. The following features can improve workplace productivity and employee morale:

Project and Task Management

Without tracking the actual time spent on a project or task, it can be nearly impossible to estimate how long that project or task took. In this case, it can be difficult for managers to provide estimates or to ensure that a project is continuing as planned.

With manual project and task tracking, project managers can better understand how long a project takes and if issues are coming up. You can then use this information to more accurately estimate project timelines.

Time Management

Productivity really comes down to time management, which many people don’t excel at. Either they cannot understand where the time goes, or they decide to poorly use their time while at work.

A time tracking software can improve time management by showing clear data as to how an employee uses their time while on the clock. This feature can identify idle time, can stop tracking if no activity is detected, allow or disallow manual time, and time wasted reports.

Analytics and Reporting

Monitoring software tracks a lot of behaviors related to project planning, so project managers and admin have clear data to understand employee workflows and time reports.

Since a company can have a number of employees, managers, and third-party partners, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of all these workflows. Analytics and reporting features included in monitoring software can bring performance metrics to the admin.

Project managers can use the analytics and reporting features for quick estimates about wasted time, time spent on apps, times spent on websites, usual behaviors, and periods for how long an employee spends on social media.

Monitor All Billable Hours

Since you are paying your employees for their time, you want to make sure that they can appropriately use that time. If they are constantly stressed and unable to get work done, then you need to know. Additionally, if employees are spending too much time on social media, then this is important to your bottom line.

Employees clock on either through the time tracking software or by logging in. From there, your software can track these billable hours and help you to identify if your employees are working or not!

An employee tracking software might also provide optional features, such as taking periodic screenshots of your employees’ computers and logging the keystrokes. That way you have greater insight into what they are doing while on the clock.

Surveillance Features Included in Employee Monitoring Software

If looking for employee monitoring software that improves security, then consider the following features:

Keystroke Logging

Keystroke logging is when software records and logs the keystrokes on a keyboard during a specific time. Keystroke logging collects a lot of data, but it is particularly useful for tracking deviant behavior or communications from a computer.

An intuitive employee monitoring software can record keystrokes via keystroke logger and keep the data in the cloud so it does not take up your disc space. Monitor keystrokes for key phrases or review the logs of an individual who is showing anomalous signs.

Keystroke logging will tell you if your workers are being productive or if one of them poses an insider threat. Additionally, you can request that sensitive information like bank account information is not recorded for employee privacy.

Internet Monitoring

Bandwidth controls can be included in internet settings so that employees aren’t able to upload or download a lot of data. Large uploads and downloads are a common practice of malware or malicious individuals that are trying to siphon data away from the source.

While employee monitoring cannot stop this data flow, it can alert the admin to when a certain amount of data is being moved through the internet connection.

User Behavior Analytics

User behavioral analytics (UBAs) is a smart feature that allows upper-level management to understand the typical behavioral patterns of your employees. UBAs identify behaviors from a user or computer that are considered normal to develop a baseline.

The monitoring tool will alert admin or management to user behaviors that deviate from the baseline behavior(s). They may be unhappy at work or in their personal life. Your employee may have shifted into a new role, or someone else is navigating your network while under their username.

Remote Monitoring

Remote work is extremely popular, and it is likely that more businesses will be using a remote workforce or remote teams on a daily basis.

Remote workers have access to sensitive company data and they might access this data on an unsecured personal network. A remote workforce also poses a threat to your company’s sensitive data and privileged network, so it is important to invest in an employee monitoring system for added security.

Additionally, your remote workers could take the day off while still getting paid. A remote employee monitoring software can stem this procrastination and improve employee productivity.

8 Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

Not sure that you need employee monitoring software? Here are eight benefits to using this software for your organization or business.

1. Remote Team Monitoring

With remote teams on the rise, businesses need to capitalize on remote team tracking in order to a) ensure that the remote team is actually working and b) keep their sensitive assets protected.

Tracking a remote team is difficult even in the best of times. With remote workers living in different time zones, and your team being restricted to digital project management apps, it can be tricky to navigate a remote team.

Additionally, without any supervision, your remote team may be doing whatever they please during the workday and not contributing to your businesses’ goals. A remote monitoring tool can keep your remote team oriented and on task. It’ll also help the team stay organized, motivated, and better able to manage their time.

2. Improved Employee Engagement

Employees are not always motivated to work. Whether there are distractions at work, from their colleagues, and or if they work in a remote environment and can’t stay focused, they might not want to check-in at their computer to work. Not only does this drive employee productivity down, but it also shows signs of poor employee engagement.

An employee monitoring software can keep your team accountable. Your project managers can keep your team on the right track with clear analytics and productivity goals. You can also use data to clearly show what’s going on. When things like productivity and project scope make sense, then your employees are overall happier and willing to work for your company.

3. Monitor Employee Activity During Work Hours

You will never truly know if your employees are working hard during work hours. Without an employee monitoring software, your employees could be lying to you! They could be watching Netflix instead of securing accounts.

Employee monitoring software will track computer activity for you so you no longer have to rely on your employees to tell the truth. See the apps and websites that they are visiting most often. If you have a keystroke logging feature, then you can see the types of messages they are sending to see if they are slacking off and sharing personal anecdotes or if they are focusing on work.

4. Track Time

The amount of wasted time in a day can really add up. From bathroom breaks to visiting colleagues, it turns out that employees do not actually work the full eight hours days and instead slack off.

A clear time tracking tool, which requires employees to manually input the projects and tasks that they are working on, will not only show employees how they are delegating their time but also clearly report back to employers and managers what is going on during the day-to-day.

5. Mobile Tracking and Convenient Functionality

If you work with a team that is mobile or regularly on the move, then time or project tracking might seem unrealistic. However, some employee monitoring software might come with a mobile app so that employees can stay on top of their projects while on the go.

Track time from wherever. The time tracking app also allows for GPS tracking so that the admin or employers can verify their employees’ location while they are on the clock.

Some software comes with additional conveniences like the ability to turn off mobile tracking, an integrated Chrome or web browser extension, and other customizable features.

6. Garner a Productivity Metric

By and far, one of the biggest benefits of monitoring software is the ability to procure legitimate metrics around employee productivity. As a project manager or employer, it can be difficult to speak with an employee and try to rectify poor productivity when you have no proof.

A productivity tracking forces the employee to track their productivity or it reflects poorly on them. Additionally, the productivity metric can be useful upon creating a productivity plan.

Why estimate for timelines that don’t make sense? With clear metrics, you can clearly identify which projects are taking up too much time, whether employees are actually working while on the clock, and so much more.

7. Timesheet and Payroll Integration

Smart tracking tools can merge with payroll or create a timesheet so that payday is super easy. Instead of asking for employees to estimate their hours or report any off-hours during a normal week, you can instead refer to the employee tracking software. The employee tracking software is the gold standard, the primary way in which employees get paid. This will encourage them to keep tracking up to date, especially once they begin to realize that every minute counts!

By integrating payroll into the tracking software, employees can get paid faster and with ease. Your finance or accounting department will be able to quickly and easily pay employees, either by exporting timesheets or paying employees directly through the software.

8. Extra Safeguards Against External Threats

While monitoring software is largely touted as ideal for productivity monitoring (and it is!) it is also useful as an extra security measure. Monitoring software will be able to identify baseline behaviors and alert management to when an employee has ‘gone rogue.’

Be alerted to risky behaviors like moving data in or out of a certain file or if employees are starting to slack off. If employees aren’t tracking hours as usual but they are in the office and working, then something might be up.

How Does Employee Monitoring Help Productivity, Performance, and Costs?

Monitoring productivity can boost company morale, establish (or solidify) workplace expectations, and help your business reach major financial goals.

There is a range of ways that employee monitoring can do such things. Primarily, the features included in employee tracking allows employers to confirm that every payroll dollar spent is going to hard-working employees that deserve it. It also can look into employee insights, like identifying employees who may be struggling to get work done or drowning in too much work.

Through features like keystroke logging or application tracking, you are better equipped to insulate your company from issues concerning compliance, for example, legal issues, productivity issues, workplace harassment, and much more. And in collecting this data, your company will have strong evidence supporting issues in your workplace.

Computer monitoring also looks at bigger, structural issues. If through the software you start to notice that there is a high amount of employee turnover, then you might want to dive deeper into why employees are more likely to leave your business than others. Computer monitoring software can highlight personnel or staffing issues, holes in structural processes, poor or deteriorating workplace environment, workflow issues, and other factors that are impacting workplace behavior.

You may be too busy to focus on all of these issues, or perhaps you have been looking for a way to track them. Use employee monitoring software tools to gain insight into toxic workplace behaviors or trends of poor productivity.

Addressing each of these things, along with other workplace issues, can lead to improved ROI. Additionally, employees will be able to positively contribute to a better working environment knowing that you are knowledgeable in some of these issues and are doing something about it!

What Types of Teams Rely on Employee Monitoring?

Any team can improve from employee monitoring. The biggest use case for employee monitoring will be remote teams, large tams, and teams that are spread out over a larger campus or organization.

Computer monitoring adds an extra layer of protection for large teams. With this software in place, you will be able to watch the computer activity on more than one computer all through a simplified and easy to understand console. Watch your employees working live randomly so that you know employees are being truthful. Or keep an eye on them through the IT department or security team. Implementing employee monitoring could replace physical cameras spread out around your workplace!

Remote teams will also benefit from employee monitoring. Not only do you want to ensure that your remote team is actively working, but you will want added protections in place if you cannot ensure that data being sent throughout your remote workforce is being protected.

No matter the size of your company, computer monitoring software can also protect everyone from liability and lawsuits. As an employer, you are liable for employee behavior so you should have in place protection in case of legal action. Computer monitoring can eliminate some of these risks, or at least prepare you for when the time comes.

As a powerful productivity tool, any team size, shape, or type would benefit from monitoring software. Work is compiled of smaller tasks that build upon each other. If your employees can’t track their projects, then they fall behind.

What Will Employee Monitoring Look Like in My Business?

One of the biggest advantages of employee monitoring is that employers, admin, or managers no longer need to micromanage. Instead, you can quickly and easily refer to the employee time tracking sheet to get a clear snapshot of what is going on.

With the right software in place, you can let your employees do their jobs all the while knowing what is going on with a project.

How you implement the software into your business will depend on your goals. If you want to use employee productivity, then you can remote install or ask each employee to download it onto their computer. This is because the employee will need to be involved in the time tracking process.

For surveillance purposes, you’ll want your employees on a connected network with you having admin access. That way you can control the settings and remotely install it without your employees knowing about the software.

Try to manage expectations around employee monitoring. It’s important to also stay informed on state workplace privacy laws. State clearly that employees are being monitored and how that data is collected. Keep employees informed about their privacy rights and the use of that monitoring data.

Ask Yourself… Is Employee Monitoring Right for Me?

Activity monitoring tools can increase productivity, and they can also improve your company culture, improve workplace morale, and add extra protection measures to your company’s sensitive data.

Virtually any company can benefit from employee monitoring simply because it keeps employee productivity and business security in one simple hub. It also automates a lot of the manual time tracking payroll processes so these aspects get easier and fewer mistakes occur.

Depending on how you want to use the software, be sure to identify what you need in good software. If you need to monitor your remote team to make sure that they are at their desk working, then be sure to get an employee monitoring software that allows the live webcam feed. If you are looking for surveillance, then you’ll want to be able to secretly install the software remotely.

No matter how it is used, employee monitoring offers solutions for a number of business use cases. Use computer monitoring to educate your employees about workplace expectations, or require it for payroll purposes. With so much versatility and ease, monitoring software can make business operations much easier!

Try Employee Monitoring in Your Business for Free

While you may trust your employees, there are a myriad of ways that employees, third-parties, and departing employees can wreak havoc on your business. From time theft to data breaches, you want to have as many protections in place so that your business assets are secure and you stay up and running and thriving.

Choosing a computer monitoring software can be difficult. You want one that serves your business purposes and can function in a number of ways. You might want the software for productivity only right now, but you also may want surveillance features in the future, for example. You also want a monitoring software solution that scales alongside your business.

Try a monitoring solution from SoftActivity, which offers software for monitoring workstations and terminal servers. Try it for free to see how monitoring software fits into your business model!

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