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Nobody would ever need computer monitoring software if everyone was hard-working and trustworthy, like you. Sadly, your people are out of control. They’re on Facebook. Looking for designer shoes on eBay. Watching funny cat videos. Conquering a Massive Multiplayer kingdom. Even worse, confidential information is leaking outside your network – but who did it? You don’t have time to babysit them at their computers – and spending valuable IT time investigating these trouble-makers is prohibitive. You’ve got a business to run!

Get the Computer Monitoring Software that Works

Monitor every PC on your Local Area Network. Whether you’re monitoring company workstations or university campus network users, catch them in the act. Show them the proof. Take action. SoftActivity Monitor lets you:

  • Monitor Without Them Knowing. View their computers in real time – from your own PC. SoftActivity Monitor works invisibly, without slowing down their PCs.
  • Track websites visited. Tom from accounting was on Facebook for 3 hours a day, every day this week? Let him explain that to HR.
  • Record their e-mails. End workplace harassment, IP theft and more.
  • Record keystrokes in work apps, emails, websites and IM chats in real time. See what’s happening as it’s happening.
  • View multiple computers at the same time in your network. See disasters coming and prevent them from happening.
  • Generate reports and schedule screen captures. Then show the bad guys the evidence. Even better, show everyone.
  • And much more!

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OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Server 2016/2012/2008 (32- and 64-bit editions). System Requirements


You can easily have a look at any user’s desktop in real time. Dashboard shows at a glance live view of remote screens, like a security camera: Screenshot


View their web surfing history. Recording of all URLs visited in any browser. SoftActivity even records when a user is browsing in Incognito/InPrivate mode, or clears their web browser history. Top Websites report by total time spent for every user in your network: Screenshot

User testimonials

Jon DeVito , CTO, Amiee Lynn, USA

"From the first minute we installed Activity Monitor, we cut out half the time I was spending monitoring people manually."

J.S. , A-Legal, USA

"This software is so effective, we’ve been using it for over a decade!"


Monitor programs usage activity in real time. With this feature you know what applications and for how long your users run during the day. Top Programs report shows in what applications users spend the most time Programs usage log with time stamps and screenshots for every user: Screenshot Records local and remote sessions, such as RDP, TeamViewer, LogmeIn, etc. on your company’s computers

Web Console for Admins and Supervisors

View PC activity reports for all computers and users in a convenient Web Console using a web browser. Webapp server is installed on-premise Access control: web console accounts for multiple supervisors/managers with limited access only for viewing certain users or groups. Dashboard with company-wide stats of computer usage: top used programs, websites, most active users Search reports and filter by date, computer, user or a group. Export reports to HTML for printing or saving as PDF, or to Excel (CSV format) for advanced analysis  and reporting.


If a user breaks company’s computer use policy, their supervisor or the admin gets an instant alert notification. Admin can create alert rules based on visited websites, used applications, files or typed keystrokes. Screenshot A set of pre-defined rules is supplied for popular social media, video websites and other unproductive categories, copying of files to USB etc. Get alerts by email and view policy violations in the web console. Spend less time monitoring users and take action at the right time when it matters.

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Employee monitoring software

Track User Attendance

Record attendance of the company’s employees. View all user sessions on their computers with the following information displayed for each session:

  • Log in, log off time and date
  • Computer and user name
  • Session duration
  • Top 5 used programs
  • Top 5 visited websites
  • Total number of typed keystrokes
  • Complete timeline of screenshots

Complete history of email and IM communications

Record Emails sent and received by employees on their computers. View emails from all users in Web Console. Supported email systems:

  • Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange® accounts;
  • Microsoft Outlook with POP3/SMTP/IMAP accounts via SSL or unsecured;
  • View Webmail messages on series of screenshots on Top Websites tab in Web Console, and in a keystrokes log

Records their Skype chats including sent and received messages. Note: currently  the latest version 8.x of Skype for Desktop is not supported.  Chat in other messengers can be seen on series of screenshots in Top Programs report

Track typed keystrokes in real time

View keystrokes typed by users in real time on your screen with our employee monitoring software. Passwords, emails, chat conversations – you have the full picture! SoftActivity’s keylogger technology supports all international characters including English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, etc.

IntelliSnap™ technology for screenshots

The system takes snapshots of the remote PC screen with SoftActivity’s IntelliSnap™ technology. Easy monitoring without your presence Screenshots recorded on all network computers are stored in a single centralized location on the main computer/server View history of browsing for each visited website as series of screenshots. Easy to track their Facebook, Webmail (such as Gmail, Yahoo mail,, etc), Google searches, web-based IM, chats, forums. Screenshot Filter screenshots by a program or a website: Screenshot IntelliSnap™ technology takes screenshots based on user actions, versus just time intervals. You will a screenshot of every visited web page, every sent or received instant message or email

View screens of all computers in your LAN

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Powerful server database

SoftActivity Web Console is powered by PostgreSQL high-performance and free database for storing logs collected from the monitored computers. PostgreSQL database server is included in SoftActivity Monitor installation package and runs on premise on a customer’s server or admin’s PC. Customers have an option to use their existing PostgreSQL server installed on Unix or Windows platform. SoftActivity Monitor Server application downloads logs from Agents into the Central Log Database.

Record access to sensitive files

Trace and prevent information theft by employees Track possible file theft by employees on USB flash drives or external HDD’s View what documents they open and save Track files they download from Internet, upload or attach to emails Monitor all types of drives: local, network, flash/thumb drives, hard drives connected by USB or Firewire 1394 Monitor selected folders that contain sensitive files View all file operations such as Read, Write, Delete, Rename, Move

Completely secure employee monitoring

Only authorized managers and supervisors can connect to a remote computer or log in to the on-premise Web Console Network communications are encrypted with SSL Central Log Database is securely stored in PostgreSQL server installed on-premise. No data flows outside of your company’s network Logs that temporarily stored on monitored employee computers are encrypted, so users cannot see or modify them Not detected as a threat by most antivirus products. If needed it’s easy to add an antivirus exclusion

Stealth technology

SoftActivity stealth technology makes our PC monitoring software completely invisible for monitored users:

  • No files on a hard drive, no processes in Task Manager or services in Windows are visible to monitored users
  • No icons on the Desktop or Start menu, no windows displayed
  • Admin can install Agent remotely and silently on the monitored computers and start monitoring in seconds
  • You can invisibly monitor employee computers of even advanced users such as IT staff, developers or system administrators

Protect your company from employee fraud

Store all their communications history

Remote deployment

Network Administrator can easily and quickly install Agent, a client part of the software, remotely to multiple monitored computers, invisibly for users. Mass-deploy Agent application to monitored employee computers in your Active Directory Domain via Group Policy or a Powershell script. Install Agent locally by running an installation file. Optionally, include installed Agent into an OS image for Virtual Desktop (VDI) deployments.

Control over the networked computers

View, start or terminate remote processes, run commands. Turn off or restart computers remotely, or log off a user, and more

Supports multiple users & departments

SoftActivity Monitor is used in small businesses with a simple LAN as well as in large corporations with multiple departments and physical locations. Multiple managers in a company can track users in their departments. Create accounts for managers in Web Console and assign access to users or groups. In addition, SoftActivity Monitor console desktop app can be installed on a manager’s computer for real time monitoring. An employee’s computer can be monitored by more than one supervisor at the same time from their workstations in real time. View how to setup SoftActivity Monitor in your network architecture

International & Multi-lingual app

SoftActivity employee monitoring software can record and display emails, chats, keystrokes and all reports in any language. SoftActivity Monitor is a unicode program User interface is available in these languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazil, Russian. Web Console: English language only.

Increase your staff productivity

Record employee Internet use