Computer Software to Monitor Activity

Any computer network can be susceptible to malicious attacks. If you have a computer network for your business, organization, institution, or cohort, then you need to make sure that you are somehow able to monitor these computers. 

Computer software installed on one web console, which can then remotely install software onto the computers in that network, can help a security team stay on top of all the computers. 

Peer into computer activity with computer software. Monitor your employee activity, monitor user behavior, and keep your assets protected. 

Monitoring Computer Activity for Your Workforce

Most workforces operate using a network of computers. This means that you’ll likely have multiple endpoints where your employees, staff, and other users access the computer network. 

Chances are sensitive information is stored digitally in this network. If this is the case, you need to put some protections to keep those assets secure. Whether it is sensitive banking info, customer data, company financials, or sensitive business information, they can be used for malicious gain by any number of actors. 

And malicious hackers can get to this information in a number of ways. Vulnerabilities in your company’s network allow this, but sometimes negligent employees accidentally provide access to hackers. Perhaps they open an email they shouldn’t, or they walk away from their computer and forget to lock it. 

Other times, malicious actors might hack into your network through an endpoint vulnerability. If this is the case, they may be poking around trying to get access to your network. They might mimic an employee’s credentials or create their own. 

There are so many ways that bad actors can gain access to your critical info. Keep it secure and monitored with computer monitoring software. 

Computer Monitoring Software

Keeping track of user behavior on all network computers is possible with monitoring software. Also referred to as employee monitoring software, internet monitoring software, and user activity monitoring software, deploying this type of technology into your computer network system will give you and your security team an extra set of eyes. It not only allows you to keep track of user behaviors, but you can also stay on top of employee productivity. 

One of the most significant benefits of computer monitoring software is its ease of use. This activity monitor software is controlled through a web console, which is for admin controls. From here, IT or a security team member can remotely install the software onto any computer attached to the network. Remote computers or workstations and terminals all work well with this program. 

This software can be installed, and it can also run secretly, so the user has no idea that the software is running smoothly in the background. While this seems deceptive, it is actually one of the only ways a business can catch an insider threat or malicious attacker. If users knew that the software was there, then they could more easily disable it. Therefore, secretly running the program will give your business an extra layer of defense. 

Computer software for monitoring activity tracks all the user behavior on that given computer. It can track employee productivity and follow when users are in areas and performing specific actions that they should not be. This software is much different from spyware, a type of malicious software that attempts to steal from or hijack a computer.

Because employee monitoring software tracks back-end computer usage, employers can see exactly what employees are doing when they are saying they are working. This software can track data behind-the-scenes in real-time and over time. Never again do you have to question whether your employee is actually working on the task they said they were working on or if they were lazy. 

Not sure if computer monitoring software is right for you? Consider the following features as integral to employee monitoring software:

Features for Tracking Employee Productivity

Basic time trackers might record how long a person spent on a project. For some, recording their time is simple and only used to keep on top of personal time management. However, you cannot always trust your employees to do this on their own.

Use productivity tracking features to keep projects moving in the right direction:

  • Organize projects based on individual, team, or task
  • Time tracking for projects and tasks
  • Measures against estimates
  • Clear attendance tracking
  • Time wasted reports
  • Application usage tracking
  • Time spent on websites
  • Idle time
  • Compare time worked with interval screenshots
  • Easy-to-read dashboard
  • User session webcam monitoring
  • App for tracking on-the-go
  • Individual timesheet report
  • Remote computer monitoring
  • Billable hours versus working hours

Perfect for any business, this type of in-depth project management and time tracking is ideal for a remote workforce. You shouldn’t have to trust that your employees are working for you, especially during work hours. Use computer monitoring software to prove it. 

Adopt a monitoring solution, like an employee monitoring tool, for productivity so your team managers can do less micromanaging and instead work with your employees’ needs. Collect productivity data on all your workers so you can alert management to worrisome drops in employee efficiency. With this data, project managers can create productivity plans that boost employee engagement. 

Features for Monitoring Insider Threats

Insider threats occur when a malicious agent gains access to a company network or data through an insider at the company. This individual might be an employee who is maliciously gaining access to restricted areas or using their credentials to steal sensitive company or customer information. 

They might be a negligent employee, and a malicious actor used their computer to gain access to the network. In either case, computer monitoring software can detect this type of behavior and alert your team to it. 

  • User session monitoring
  • User behavior analytics (UBA) that alerts management to deviant behavior
  • Keystroke logging
  • Communications log
  • Privileged access controls
  • Download/upload limits
  • Website restrictions
  • Tracking internet activity
  • Mobile app with GPS tracking
  • Remote monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Stealth installation

Computer Activity Monitoring Software Benefits

Consider a sophisticated employee monitoring system from SoftActivity monitor, which is compatible with both workstations and terminal servers. SoftActivity allows employers to keep tabs on rogue employees and each remote worker, so you can go about your day-to-day knowing that your company is being protected. 

With computer monitoring software, a business can stay on top of their remote employees, large computer network, and more. Organizations can also keep track of user behavior on organizational networks.

Monitoring software is controlled from a single web console by a team administrator, so only one endpoint needs to be accessed. Data is encrypted and stored locally or sent to the admin console to be stored on a secure server. 

Computer monitoring gives employers an inside look into employee computer activity. Don’t leave your employee behaviors to trust. Verify it with computer monitoring software.  

Implement a computer monitoring program from SoftActivity so that your business can stay on top of employee activity, improve employee productivity, and stop potentially insider threats from happening. 

January 26th, 2021