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Track work time for remote workers, office employees or freelancers with our cloud-based software. Protect your organization from insider threats, and increase your team’s work-from-home productivity.

Monitor every PC or Server on your local area network, and users connecting from remote locations. Our productivity tracking solution lets you:

  • Monitor your Work Computers Remotely. Stay in control of your team’s productivity with our remote computer monitoring. Keep an eye on user activity, all from your own device.
  • Track visited websites. Curious about where your employees are spending their time online? Discover who’s been browsing Facebook for three hours a day, every day this week. We’ll let Tom from accounting explain that one to HR.
  • Track users work time and time away from the computer. Productivity reports show login, logoff times, and when users are idle.
  • View their screen remotely and browse screenshots history. Track employees productivity, adherence to company policies, use it for training, troubleshooting or compliance monitoring. Browse screenshots history, and view their screen in real time.
  • Monitor your remote workforce with SoftActivity Work SaaS. It allows you to track the work time of employees working remotely on the company’s computers, as well as contractors or freelancers working on their own devices. With SoftActivity, you can stay on top of your team’s productivity regardless of their physical location.
  • Install it easily with a simple annual or monthly subscription, and flexible per user licensing.
  • Don’t let insider threats put your company at risk. Keep an eye on your employees’ computer activity with our Client App, installed in invisible mode on your company computers. Rest assured, our monitoring won’t slow down your systems.
  • Reduce your monitoring costs. SoftActivity Work SaaS cloud software eliminates the need to invest in expensive servers, hardware, IT integration, as well as personnel, helping you reduce your overall costs. Just install the Client App.
  • Access from anywhere. This cloud-based monitoring software can be used from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy for hybrid teams to stay productive.

SoftActivity Work SaaS supports motioning users on Windows-based Workstations and laptops, Windows Servers, Terminal Servers and VDI cloud environment. You don’t need to invest in acquiring and managing an on-premise server for running the monitoring application and storing data. It’s all done securely by SoftActivity in the cloud, providing peace of mind and hassle-free monitoring for your business.

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Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1 or Windows Server 2022 to 2016 | Local or RDS sessions | System Requirements

Deployment: Cloud SaaS by SoftActivity, Client App by Customer


Track your employees’ Internet activity with precision. Our solution records all URLs visited across any web browser, including social media, email, search history, and the duration of each page visit.

SoftActivity can monitor and record Internet activity even when the users are browsing in Incognito/Private mode, or have cleared their web browser history.

Websites report shows total time spent by users on each website.


Track computer programs usage by your employees with ease. This enables you to monitor which apps they open and how much time they spend in them.

Applications report shows in what programs users spend the most time.

Apps History log with time stamps for every user.

Our employee monitoring tool records local and remote sessions, such as RDP/RDS, TeamViewer, LogmeIn, etc. on your computers. Easily monitor your remote employees that connect from home.

Access from anywhere

Access comprehensive PC activity reports and logs for all computers and users in your organization through our cloud-based console, accessible via web browser.

Up to 6 months of data storage. Customize the data retention period to ensure compliance with regulations and accommodate your specific use case.

View company-wide statistics of computer usage through the Dashboard, including top used applications, websites, and most active users.

Search and filter reports by date, computer, user, or group for a more detailed view.

Our access control feature allows multiple admins, supervisors, or managers to view user activity, with limited access to specific departments withing your organization.

You have an option to allow the employees log in and view their personal productivity reports and logs, fostering self-awareness and boosting overall performance. Just create an account for them and assign access to view their own user.

Get Reports by Email

Stay informed of your employees’ computer usage details with our automated daily, weekly, and monthly reports delivered directly to your email.

These reports include usage statistics for all users, and can be conveniently viewed on any device without logging into the web console.

Easily generate reports in both PDF and Excel (CSV) format within our web console. Stay up-to-date with your team’s activity insights by receiving email reports.

Sample email reports:
Users Activity Report
Attendance – sign-in/sign-out times

Track work and idle time

Record attendance and boost employees productivity. Time tracking of user sessions with the following information recorded for each work session:

  • Log in, log off timestamps for tracking work hours
  • Computer and user account name
  • Work session duration and idle time (when a user was away from the computer)
  • Top apps and websites
  • Complete timeline of screenshots (coming soon)

Idle time tracking lets you see for how long and when exactly a user was away from their computer, or inactive during the day.

Monitor all office-based and remote computers now!

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Screenshots of users activity

Capture and review a visual history of user activities through screenshots. Record every action.

Filter screenshots by an application, website and date/time interval.

Storage up to 6 months in a Standard plan.

Records up to 2 screenshots per minute for each user.

Private apps and websites are excluded from screen grabs. Admin can define private apps to avoid recording credit card numbers, banking details, PHI, and other private information.

Download a screenshot image for storing locally as evidence.

View remote users screen in near real time.

Real Time Alerts

(Not available yet, coming soon)

Create alert rules based on user activity, including used websites and applications.

Receive alert notifications via email if a user breaks company computer use policy.

Quickly view policy violations in the web console to take action at the right time.

Spend less time monitoring users and ensure compliance with company work policies.

View activity on work-from-home and office-based computers

Help remote workers stay productive

Secure & Privacy-Focused

The application and data are securely managed by SoftActivity in a secure data center hosted by a major cloud services provider, with the latest security practices and precautions in place. With SoftActivity Work SaaS, you can trust that your data is protected and safe.

Secure multi-tenant architecture: Each SoftActivity Work customer benefits from their own dedicated environment, separate from other tenants, ensuring enhanced security, data privacy, and optimized performance tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Only authorized admins and managers in your organization are allowed to login to SoftActivity Work cloud app to view users activity logs.

SoftActivity Work application is designed with no keylogger feature, ensuring that it does not record or store any passwords or sensitive information, thereby maintaining the privacy and security of your users’ confidential data.

All data is transferred only over TLS-encrypted channels and is encrypted in storage.

Stealth Mode and Visible Mode

Stealth Mode (optional) makes this monitoring software completely invisible for monitored users on company-owned computers, allowing for discreet and unobtrusive monitoring of your employees.

We also offer a Visible, or Freelancer Mode, which prompts users to click Start Work and Stop Work button to track their work time on the company’s project.

During periods when monitoring is paused, employees are free to engage in personal activities without being monitored. This feature is designed for use with employees, freelancers or contractors working on their personal computers, who require a visible mode of activity tracking.

Warning! Stealth  Mode is only available to companies and organizations for monitoring their own work computers. Companies must ensure that monitoring employees is permitted in their jurisdiction, and must follow regulations about obtaining users consent, and follow our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service.

Easy installation

Download SoftActivity Work Client App from the web console. Run the installation on the computers you want to monitor.

It’s easy to deploy the Client App on the computers and servers you want to monitor by your company’s IT team. Installation can be accomplished through a GUI installer or by deploying the software silently through the use of command line parameters.

SoftActivity Work Client App can be deployed using your favourite remote software management platform, if your company uses one.

Can be installed by contractors or freelancers for tracking their work on your project. Just provide them with the  Client App installation file.

Automatic updates

SoftActivity Work SaaS cloud software is updated automatically by SoftActivity, which ensures that users are always working with the latest features and functionality.

You don’t have to download and install updates manually. This helps you save IT costs.

Just install the Client App once and it will automatically stay up to date and synced with the cloud.

Protect your company from employee fraud and time theft

Store their computer activity and work hours history

Supports Multi Department

Allows multiple admins and managers in your company to monitor users in their respective departments.

Easily create accounts for managers in the Web Console and assign access to specific groups or users, enabling streamlined management of your workforce.

Assign customized monitoring settings to specific groups or individual users, including the ability to turn on Visible mode, disable monitoring, and more.

Provides an audit log that keeps track of admins’ and managers’ actions in the web console. With this feature, you can view a complete history of logins, as well as any changes made to the system. This helps you stay informed of all activity related to your company’s monitoring efforts and ensure accountability throughout the organization.

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