SoftActivity Work: System requirements

For the Client App

  • Microsoft® Windows 11, 10, 8.1, either 64- or 32-bit editions
    • Local and remote RDP user sessions are supported.
    • Windows 11 SE (for Education) is not supported since it cannot not run Win32 apps.
  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2022 to 2019, with latest updates.
    • RDS multi sessions hosts, or local admin sessions are supported. Install the Client App on the Server.
  • VDI clients with any of the above Windows version, on most platforms, such as Citrix, VMware, Azure Virtual Deskop, etc. Install the Client App on a VDI image.
  • Windows 11 or 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops (EVD), a multi-session version of Windows client OS.
  • CPU: Any CPU supported by the above versions of Windows (except ARM).
  • RAM: SoftActivity Work Client App uses minimal RAM on monitored computers, typically averaging around 60MB.
  • Storage Space: minimal space is used, up to 100 MB may be needed for local cache on the system drive, in case of Internet connection interruptions.
  • An internet connection is required on the monitored computers to access the cloud-based application. In case of connection interruption, user activity will be recorded in a local cache. For monitoring offline computers, get our SoftActivity Monitor on-prem software.
  • Active Directory – joined and Workgroup computers are supported.