SoftActivity Work – What’s new. 2023 changelog

May 31st, 2023

September 2023 updates

  • Download multiple screenshots at once. If you want to save a few screenshots, select them and click Download button. All of them will be downloaded in .webp file format.
  • Attendance PDF report: add session length visual representation.
  • fix: idle time percentage was wrong sometimes in Attendance PDF report.
  • Changed the screenshot image format from jpeg to WebP, which reduces images size and traffic from the client computers by up to 50%. WebP format is supported by all major browsers. Downloaded .webp files remain easily viewable on Windows and other operating systems.

August 2023 updates

  • fix: there was an error in when trying to download a screenshot
  • fix: remote client name for RDS sessions was not always recorded. You can see it in Attendance on session details.
  • fix: client app in Visible mode not always recorded a session start when clicking Start Work button.
  • other improvements in the client app
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