SoftActivity Work, cloud based. What’s new, 2023 Changelog

December 2023 updates

  • A number of minor improvements and fixes

November 2023 updates

  • Enhancements and fixes in Attendance module, and in the Client App.
  • Additional internal system improvements have been carried out to boost overall efficiency and reliability.

October 2023 updates

  • Numerous improvements and fixes in Attendance view. It shows user work sessions and idle periods.

September 2023 updates

  • Download multiple screenshots at once. If you want to save a few screenshots, select them and click Download button. All of them will be downloaded in .webp file format.
  • Attendance PDF report: add session length visual representation.
  • fix: idle time percentage was wrong sometimes in Attendance PDF report.
  • Changed the screenshot image format from jpeg to WebP, which reduces images size and traffic from the client computers by up to 50%. WebP format is supported by all major browsers. Downloaded .webp files remain easily viewable on Windows and other operating systems.

August 2023 updates

  • fix: there was an error in when trying to download a screenshot
  • fix: remote client name for RDS sessions was not always recorded. You can see it in Attendance on session details.
  • fix: client app in Visible mode not always recorded a session start when clicking Start Work button.
  • other improvements in the client app

July 2023 updates

  • allow sorting the columns in Admin panel on Users, Computers, and Accounts tabs.
  • fixes and improvements in web console on Attendance and other views.
  • fixed screenshots recording issues in the Client App, such a black screenshot.
  • allow longer than 7 days expiration of the client app install package, when required by a customer.

June 2023 updates

  • fix: “do not track” list of users is now supported. Add users you don’t want to record on any device into a Do not track list in Admin Panel – Groups – All Users – Edit.
  • fixes and improvements in screenshots recording.
  • fixes and improvements in private apps and websites handling. Sometimes screenshots were recorded from private apps. Sometimes the same private app was recorded repeatedly. Check your list of Private Apps in Admin Panel – Groups – All Users – Edit, and add domains, and add app names you don’t want to record for compliance or privacy reasons.

Screenshots recording

  • Users’ screen captured up to 120 times per hour. It can be taken from active app only, or from whole desktop including all open windows. Select the frequency and settings in Admin Panel – Groups – All users – Edit.
  • Browse screenshots timeline for each user. View captures in full size, zoom in to view all the details, or just through quickly navigate through the timeline of thumbnails.
  • Private apps and websites are excluded from screen grabs. Admin can add sensitive websites, apps, or your internal company tools to a private list so that it does record sensitive info such credit card numbers, PHI, or other personal information.
  • Filter screenshots by specific applications or websites. Select your app or website from its respective tab to view only the relevant screenshots.
  • Filter screenshots in Attendance tab for individual user work sessions.
  • Download screenshot images as evidence for safekeeping.

View Users in real time

  • The Users tab now displays the recent screen, app, and website used by each user, arranged side by side, resembling a security camera view.
  • View real-time screens of all active users, or even access the last screen for users who have logged off.

May 2023 updates

New Computers tab in Admin panel to manage monitored computers.

  • View a list of monitored computers, and the time when latest activity was recorded;
  • See the user names who worked on a computer, with the latest timestamp;
  • Uninstall the Client App remotely, to completely stop monitoring a computer;
  • Delete a computer with all recorded logs, for all users;

April 2023 initial release

SoftActivity Work cloud based employee work productivity tracking SaaS product is available for SoftActivity corporate customers, on an easy subscription basis.

  • Time tracking: work and idle time, login and logoff times
  • Windows Client App with Freelancer mode and Stealth mode available for companies
  • Record time spent on websites
  • Applications time tracking, with window and document captions
  • Reports are available in the web console, for download and by email
  • Companies get accounts for multiple admins/managers, with access control to departments within the organization
December 28th, 2023