SoftActivity Monitor 12.4 with idle time tracking

SoftActivity announces the release of SoftActivity Monitor version 12.4, its leading user activity monitoring (UAM) solution helping thousands of organizations improve their employee productivity.

By popular requests it now allows our customers to track employees idle time, which helps improve team productivity, especially for remote teams handling challenges of working from home.

What’s new in version 12.4:

Idle time tracking in SoftActivity
  • Idle time tracking. Attendance view in web console now shows idle intervals, i.e. for how long a user was away. This lets you track if employees are away from their computers, or actually working. Adjust the idle timeout in minutes in All Agents – Properties – Monitoring tab in Monitor app. Default idle timeout value is 5 minutes.
  • Attendance view in web console: Zoom to Sessions button to quickly switch to a work day, instead of manually selecting start & end times.
  • fix: [web console] clean up of old logs previously could take a lot of RAM on the server and fail.
  • other fixes and improvements

How to update

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November 18th, 2020