Activity Monitor 8.6 released

March 5th, 2014

Changes in Activity Monitor 8.6

  • Improvements in our proprietary IntelliSnap™ technology of screen recording, such as:
    • Record screenshots of mouse clicks. View all  website links, buttons, menus and commands they click. See it both in real time and in downloaded history in Central Log Database.
    • Record a screenshot of every typed word
    • Live view of a remote screen now updates more in real time, almost like a video. Now you will not miss any of their actions.
  • Restart of remote computers is not required anymore when updating or uninstalling Agent in most cases. Take into account, that this new feature will work only when installing an update on top of version 8.6. When you update to this version, a restart of remote computers might still be needed. Agents may show up as offline until Windows restarts. Later updates should not require a restart.
  • Monitored users now have an ability to move the optional warning window from a default top right corner of the screen.
  • fix: on some monitored computers with Windows XP was showing user SYSTEM and not recording any activity
  • fix: sometimes Skype messages were recorded with duplicates
  • support of the latest versions of browsers and messengers, such as Google Chrome and Skype
  • minor fixes and improvements

Activity Monitor 8.5 released

January 9th, 2014
  • new: improved support of latest versions of Chrome browser
  • new: support of latest version of Skype
  • minor fixes and improvements

Activity Monitor 8.4 released

September 14th, 2013
  • new: support of Windows 8.1. We recommend to install this version of Activity Monitor and Agents before upgrading your computers to Windows 8.1
  • fix: crashes when downloading logs
  • (build 2003, October 3, 2013) important fix: version 8.4 build 1981 contained a critical bug: after uninstalling Agent on a monitored computer repair of Windows could be required. Do not uninstall the previous version 8.4. Download and install this new version on top to apply the fix.

Activity Monitor 8.3 released

September 7th, 2013
  • improved: support for web browsing history recording in new version 29 of Google Chrome browser
  • fix: fixed an error message in Windows Live Mail
  • minor fixes and improvements

Activity Monitor 8.2 released

July 19th, 2013
  • new: Brazilian Portuguese user interface localization added
  • new: added Login/Logoff information to export from Central Log Database
  • fix: no screenshots displayed in SoftActivity Reports – Top Programs tab if path contains non-English characters
  • minor fixed and improvements

Activity Monitor 8.1 released

March 8th, 2013

Changes in version 8.1

  • new: Added Clear button to remove filter by program/website on Screenshots tab in SoftActivity Reports Viewer
  • new: Added Next/Previous buttons on Screenshots tab in SoftActivity Reports Viewer to navigate screenshots easier
  • new: Polish localization added. Thanks to our Polish reseller SIRTOM
  • new: Japanese localization added. Thanks to our distributor in Japan NETTOOL
  • new: Copy to clipboard menu command added on all tabs in SoftActivity Reports viewer. You can copy the report as a table to Word or Excel, for example
  • new: Go to Screenshots menu command added in Top Programs and Top Websites tabs in SoftActivity Reports
  • new: Download Logs from All Computers button opens a separate window that shows download progress. It will download logs from all computers in the list, not just connected ones as previously
  • fix: improved reliability of logs download process
  • minor fixes and improvements

Activity Monitor 8.0 released

December 18th, 2012
  • new: support of Windows 8 (except Windows RT on ARM based CPU)
    • records usage of Windows Store Apps
    • records visited websites in Internet Explorer store app
    • both the monitoring console and Agent support Windows 8 and run as a desktop app
    • monitoring console supports Windows Server 2012
  • new: Auto cleanup of Central Logs Database. Select a number of days/months you want to keep in Options – Database tab. Older data and screenshots will be deleted automatically to save disk space.
  • new: support of 64-bit edition of Outlook for email recording. Added support of Outlook 2013
  • Fixes since version 7.0:
    • fix: errors with downloading of logs and screenshots. Some screenshots could be missing in central logs DB.
    • fix: Dates filter panel disappears in SoftActivity Reports sometimes when there is an invalid date found in the database
    • other numerous fixes and optimizations