Activity Monitor 5.1 released

January 15th, 2010
  • fixed: remote Agent installation was in some cases installing Agent of previous version causing this error in Activity Monitor: Agent of old version is found on the computer XXX
  • improved: faster start of Agent service SamSvc
  • fixed: on computers with imaged systems Agent ID was not unique resulting in duplicating of computers in Activity Monitor’s list
  • fixed: sometimes error 0xC000041 appeared on Win XP computers with Agent during system shutdown

Activity Monitor 5.0 released

January 6th, 2010
  • new: secure connection between Monitor and Agents using SSL. All monitoring data is securely encrypted for network transfer
  • new: redesigned architecture that makes the software more reliable, secure, scalable, and easier to add new features in future
  • new: more than one Monitor can connect to the same Agent computer and simultaneously watch activity in real time
  • new: connect to a remote computer when no user is logged on. Screen tab will show a logon screen. You can use such commands as Turn Off, Restart Computer, Transfer Files from Agent, Change password
  • new: download logs when no user is logged on to monitored computers. If a user logs off from Windows at the end of a day before leaving, Monitor can still collect logs and screenshots
  • new: filter in Agents list view: Show Only Online Agents/Only Offline/Show All
  • new: improved reliability of Agent service. If monitoring process stops due to crash it will restart automatically and monitoring continues
  • new: full usage of multi-core capabilities of modern CPUs for improved performance and UI responsiveness
  • new: Agent uses less memory (RAM) and CPU resources
  • new: Agent uses only one TCP port #15163 and one UDP port #15164 for communications. This makes it easier to setup firewall exceptions. In firewall rule for Agent allow all network activity for amsvc.exe process. Such rule is created automatically in Windows Firewall during setup
  • new: support of Google Chrome browser for Internet monitoring
  • new: collecting recordings in Activity Monitor from remote computers silently in background without popping up Download progress window
  • new: uninstall Agent remotely on any OS and not dependent on what user is logged on
  • new: support of Windows 7
  • new: view user activity in remote desktop (RDP) sessions on the monitored computer. This means you can now monitor even when user logs in to his office computer remotely from home.
  • new: monitored users can not see files with recordings. There are no access rights to files with recordings that are temporarily kept on their computers
  • new: Licensing change: now the license is required also for computers where monitoring part of the software is installed, i.e. for manager’s PC. For example, to monitor 10 employee computers by 2 managers from their computers an organization needs 12 computers license

Activity Monitor 4.41 released

February 18th, 2009

Deep Software has released Activity Monitor version 4.41. This is a maintenance release that includes several important issues fixed. Update is recommended to all customers.

Most changes are made on Agent side, that requires re-installation of Agents on client computers. But Monitor from 4.41 version is compatible with Agents 4.4 and vise versa

Changes in Activity Monitor version 4.41:

  • fixed: sometimes user actions were not recorded after fast user switching on Windows XP
  • fixed: incorrect fields shown in the bottom part on Email tab in Reports Viewer
  • fixed: Agent Description field was always getting replaced with computer name
  • fixed: Computers could show up as offline in some situations in a network with Windows Domain
  • fixed: Agent Log not recording on computers with international versions of Windows containing non-English characters in “Application Data” folder name
  • fixed: Agent log not recording if no Agent password is set

Activity Monitor 4.4 released

August 6th, 2008
  • new: Log Viewer: Top Websites report that shows a list of most visited websites per user
  • new: Log Viewer: Search reports on current tab and all tabs
  • new: Log Viewer: Filter by date range: today, yesterday, custom range, etc.
  • new: Log Viewer: Report tables are divided by days
  • new: improved security – password protected and encrypted Central Log Database (strong AES encryption) Set strong Activity Monitor password to have database securely encrypted
  • new: improved security – logs stored on monitored computers are strongly encrypted
  • new: improved security – list of Agents is stored in encrypted format, icnluding remembered Agents passwords
  • improved: improved security – password protected login to Activity Monitor
  • new: IntelliSnap™ technology for Screenshots. Activity Monitor takes screenshots based on user actions and not just every few seconds, like in previous versions. This advanced technology allows you to view remote screen in near live mode without using much network traffic
  • new: export/import of Agents list. Copy a list with all Agent settigs to Activity Monitor on other user account or computer
  • new: view list of open Applications or all Processes in monitoring window similar to Tasks Manager
  • new: Applications tab shows program icons
  • new: wizard to manage Central Log Database. Move database or select new file
  • new: recording of web pages visit duration
  • new: Agent works as Windows service now for improved security and reliability
  • new: support of Windows Server 2008 added
  • improved: select what data to export in Log Viewer (web pages, emails, etc.)
  • improved: Agent List tooltips have an updated look
  • fixed: unreadable characters in e-mails with different encodings
  • fixed: unreadable characters in AIM and ICQ chat clients in some languages
  • fixed: mouse pointer disapearing in Monitor when users type text on the remote computers
  • available only in English language. For multi-language user intface of Activity Monitor download previous version 4.3. Next version will be multi-lingual.

Activity Monitor 4.3 released

January 31st, 2008
  • new: User interface in 11 Languages:
    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Chinese Simplified
    • Chinese Traditional
    • Japanese
    • Korean
  • new: support for 64-bit editions of Windows XP/Vista
  • new: copy email to clipboard in HTML format
  • new: ability to deploy Agent in your domain via Active Directory

Activity Monitor 4.2 released

September 28th, 2007
  • new: Activity Monitor keylogger supports most international keyboard layouts now! Our keylogger records, in addition to English keystrokes, any characters in Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and recognizes accented characters in such languages as German, Spanish and Portuguese, for example.
  • new: Keystrokes tab in real time monitoring shows program and window name where text has been typed.
  • new: saving of keystrokes tab in .rtf format with preserved colors and fonts
  • improved: update of large Agents list does not take much CPU and does not freeze Activity Monitor. This allows to work with lists of computers as large as several hundreds.
  • improved: naming of computers in list. Agent name in list renamed into Description. Computer name, host name or IP address is shown in list instead. To view description, switch to Details mode and enable this column. User can change only Description, and not Name.
  • new: “Don’t resolve host names to IP addresses” setting in Activity Monitor Options. Allows to turn off resolving for the network setups where it resolves incorrectly. For example, in some types of VPN, all hostnames are resolved to the same IP address according to user reports
  • new: Quick Start tutorial has been included. Opens when Activity Monitor is started first time
  • new: support of different international encodings in emails. Activity Monitor will correctly display emails that use any international encoding
  • fixed: computers sometimes duplicated in list
  • fixed: Enter Agent Password command is not available for the remote computers in offline state
  • improved: scheduled collection of logs. Download windows do not pop up if Activity Monitor is minimized
  • fixed: users list in Log Viewer was empty in some cases
  • fixed: work time in applications was recorded incorrectly after system time change
  • improved: shows when active program opens new window or window caption changes. For example, it now records when programs open “Save As…”, “Enter Password” window or web browser’s title changes for different websites
  • fixed: Log Viewer correctly shows activity for users/computer with names containing non-English characters

Activity Monitor 4.1 released

July 16th, 2007
  • improved Get Agent Log functionality;
  • formatting code removed from text messages in AIM and Yahoo messenger;
  • copy to clipboard From/To/Subject fields for emails;
  • password field in Activity Monitor Options shows as empty if no password is set;
  • other improvements and bugfixes;