Activity Monitor 10.4 released

SoftActivity announces the release of Activity Monitor version 10.4 computer monitoring software used by organizations around the world to improve productivity of their employees.

Improvements in the new version 10.4:

  • improved: update of Agents now should not require computer restart in most cases and should be much faster;
  • new: records Rename file operation with the names before and after;
  • new: records the source and destination folders for Move file operation;
  • improved accuracy of time tracking for visited websites;
  • new: notify the administrator when logs are not being downloaded because of SalogSrv service stopped;
  • fix: in some cases, mouse pointer was blinking in the monitoring window;
  • improved support of computers with host names containing non-English characters;
  • new: support of Dutch UI language in Skype;
  • fix: Delete file operation was not being recorded on Windows 10;
  • fix: sometimes cleanup of old records in Central Log Database did not work;
  • removed recording of legacy unsecured POP3/SMTP protocol and chat in Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ and IRC. Outlook and Skype are still fully supported. This improves the program’s overall stability, performance and compatibility;
  • new: added PowerShell scripts to install/uninstall Agent remotely. Look for .ps1 files in Activity Monitor\Agent folder or click Install Agent->Locate Agent Installer. Makes it easier for administrators to manager large deployments of Agents in their Windows Domain.
  • improved: switched to using DNS name as a computer name instead of a legacy NetBIOS name limited to 15 characters;
  • support of the latest browsers versions;
  • other minor fixes and stability improvements;


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July 6th, 2016