Activity Monitor 4.2 released

September 28th, 2007
  • new: Activity Monitor keylogger supports most international keyboard layouts now! Our keylogger records, in addition to English keystrokes, any characters in Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and recognizes accented characters in such languages as German, Spanish and Portuguese, for example.
  • new: Keystrokes tab in real time monitoring shows program and window name where text has been typed.
  • new: saving of keystrokes tab in .rtf format with preserved colors and fonts
  • improved: update of large Agents list does not take much CPU and does not freeze Activity Monitor. This allows to work with lists of computers as large as several hundreds.
  • improved: naming of computers in list. Agent name in list renamed into Description. Computer name, host name or IP address is shown in list instead. To view description, switch to Details mode and enable this column. User can change only Description, and not Name.
  • new: “Don’t resolve host names to IP addresses” setting in Activity Monitor Options. Allows to turn off resolving for the network setups where it resolves incorrectly. For example, in some types of VPN, all hostnames are resolved to the same IP address according to user reports
  • new: Quick Start tutorial has been included. Opens when Activity Monitor is started first time
  • new: support of different international encodings in emails. Activity Monitor will correctly display emails that use any international encoding
  • fixed: computers sometimes duplicated in list
  • fixed: Enter Agent Password command is not available for the remote computers in offline state
  • improved: scheduled collection of logs. Download windows do not pop up if Activity Monitor is minimized
  • fixed: users list in Log Viewer was empty in some cases
  • fixed: work time in applications was recorded incorrectly after system time change
  • improved: shows when active program opens new window or window caption changes. For example, it now records when programs open “Save As…”, “Enter Password” window or web browser’s title changes for different websites
  • fixed: Log Viewer correctly shows activity for users/computer with names containing non-English characters

Activity Monitor 4.1 released

July 16th, 2007
  • improved Get Agent Log functionality;
  • formatting code removed from text messages in AIM and Yahoo messenger;
  • copy to clipboard From/To/Subject fields for emails;
  • password field in Activity Monitor Options shows as empty if no password is set;
  • other improvements and bugfixes;

Activity Monitor 4.0 released

June 14th, 2007
  • works on Windows Vista now; does not support Windows 98 anymore.
  • record email sent and received by users. Includes POP3/SMTP mail using email client software
  • record chat conversations in instant messengers. Supports MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo messenger, ICQ, IRC. Both sides of all conversations are recorded;
  • new format of log files
  • SoftActivity Log Viewer for viewing recorded logs
  • Central Log Database for keeping recordings from all computers in one location
  • Automatic collecting of logs and screenshots from all computers. Collection schedule can be adjusted.
  • Refreshed program look
  • improved support of international characters

Activity Monitor 3.92 released

July 7th, 2006
  • Support for multi-monitor computers. Activity Monitor now shows whole virtual screen for such computers on screenshots and in monitoring window.
  • Fixed: Option “Offline Logging – Delete log file and start new one” did not save properly
  • Fixed: Rare problems when working under or monitoring Windows users with limited access rights

Activity Monitor 3.9 released

February 24th, 2006
  • Activity Monitor now records websites visited in all browsers. Previously worked only with IE
  • Minimize to system tray option. Allows you to keep Activity Monitor open for a long time without having its button in task pane
  • Improved: If screenshots from remote systems are copied by schedule, no file-overwrite or file-not-found prompts appear
  • Remote installation of Agent improved. If a non-administrator user is logged on the remote computer, no message is displayed to him and Agent installation succeeds. Monitoring of this user can start right away
  • Improved support of Fast User Switching on Windows XP. If the user has switched to other account Activity Monitor switches to monitoring of this active account
  • Fixed: Sometimes offline screenshots were taken even if computers was not used, creating a lot pictures of screensaver, for example
  • Improved: when Activity Monitor reopens monitoring windows on startup it also restores screen zoom and autorefresh state. Basically, if you were monitoring several computers and then closed Activity Monitor you will continue from same place when you open Activity Monitor next day.
  • New: “Delete log file and start the new one when size limit reached” option in Offline Logging settings
  • New: Actions on multiple computers. Send instant message, restart, shut down, run command, etc. on all selected computers at once.

Activity Monitor 3.8 released

December 23rd, 2004
  • Process/program description is shown on Applications and Foreground tabs and in offline log files. It makes it easy to identify what program user works with. Program description also appears in logs exported to HTML and Excel.
  • Agent installation now requires Administrator rights
  • Compatibility issues of Activity Monitor Agent on Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Windows firewall have been resolved
  • Improved design of offline log exported to HTML
  • Activity Monitor works with Agent of only version 3.8. You should reinstall older versions of Agent on the remote computers.
  • Activity Monitor will let you know if it finds Agents of older versions on computers in LAN or in list
  • Multiple minor improvements