Activity Monitor 6.0 released

  • new:  Agent now works invisibly even for advanced users. There is no process in Tasks Manager, no Windows service and no files visible on hard drive for monitored users. No SoftActivity\AmSys folder in Program Files anymore on monitored computers
  • new: file operations tracking support on 64-bit Windows editions (32-bit systems were supported since version 5.7)
  • new: support of Skype 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 for text chat recording
  • new: /NoKeys command line parameter to turn off Keystrokes tab in monitoring window. (Requested by users who don’t wish to view keystrokes typed by employees)
  • improved: now records keystrokes in elevated processes (Run As Admin) on Windows 7/Vista
  • improved: better handling of IP address changes by DHCP
  • fix: occasional duplication of Agents in the list
  • fix: occasional problems when monitoring window remained in “Connecting” state but could not connect to Agent
  • fix: filter by custom dates in Log Viewer did not work correctly if single day was selected
  • other fixes and minor improvements
May 5th, 2011