Activity Monitor 8.0 released

  • new: support of Windows 8 (except Windows RT on ARM based CPU)
    • records usage of Windows Store Apps
    • records visited websites in Internet Explorer store app
    • both the monitoring console and Agent support Windows 8 and run as a desktop app
    • monitoring console supports Windows Server 2012
  • new: Auto cleanup of Central Logs Database. Select a number of days/months you want to keep in Options – Database tab. Older data and screenshots will be deleted automatically to save disk space.
  • new: support of 64-bit edition of Outlook for email recording. Added support of Outlook 2013
  • Fixes since version 7.0:
    • fix: errors with downloading of logs and screenshots. Some screenshots could be missing in central logs DB.
    • fix: Dates filter panel disappears in SoftActivity Reports sometimes when there is an invalid date found in the database
    • other numerous fixes and optimizations
December 18th, 2012