SoftActivity 14.1 on-premise released

SoftActivity is glad to announce the release of new version 14.1, a major update of its employee productivity tracking software, SoftActivity Monitor and TS Monitor.

Version 14.1 includes new features, fixes and improved performance. Upgrade is recommended to all users.

What’s new in the on-premise version 14.1

  • Image Format Upgrade: Switched screenshots to the new WebP format from JPEG. It reduces images size taken by screenshots by up to 50% without the loss of quality. The WebP format is supported by all web browsers and most image viewers.
  • Server Space Optimization: Free up space on the server. Now it removes old screenshots that are not in the database anymore, as well as old thumbnail images.
  • Numerous performance improvements, fixes and security updates.

SoftActivity Monitor for workstations:

  • Monitor app: to help admins in resolving connection issues, it now shows the resolved IP address of a remote computer, even if not connected. For connected computers, it shows the connection IP address.
  • Monitor app: will now clean up duplicated computers from the list. Host name now must be unique. Computer name is provided just for reference.

TS Monitor for terminal servers:

  • In multi-server configurations improved checking for available space on the main server when uploading screenshots, to avoid low space issues on the server.
  • Improved reliability when recording a lot of user sessions.

Update your software now

Download a free demo here

SoftActivity Monitor, for workstations: Upgrade SoftActivity Monitor to the latest version

TS Monitor, for monitoring servers: Upgrade TS Monitor to the latest version

March 19th, 2024