SoftActivity version 12.9 released

SoftActivity announces the release of new version 12.9 of its employee productivity tracking software products, SoftActivity Monitor and TS Monitor. This software is also used by a lot of organizations for insider threat detection.

Upgrade is recommended to all users.

What’s new in version 12.9

  • [improved]: Attendance report now shows an end of session immediately after a remote computer is shutdown, put into sleep mode, or a laptop lid has been closed. Previously it was not shown until the next day, and some sessions remained active. PDF was showing end of session “unknown”.
  • [fix]: email alert was sent even if it’s disabled for the alert rule.
  • If the client app is in Visible mode (Notify Users option is ON), the UI now does not cover part of the user’s screen. Instead of an always-on, on-screen badge, it will now just remind them daily with a system notifications and show an icon in tray. We encourage customers to switch the client app into Visible Mode, which helps protect employees’ privacy rights.
  • improved security: increased passwords complexity requirements.
  • improved support of high-DPI monitors, and multi-monitor setups with different DPI scaling (100%, 150%, etc.).
  • other fixes and improvements.

Update now

Download a demo here

SoftActivity Monitor, for workstations: Upgrade SoftActivity Monitor to the latest version

TS Monitor, for monitoring servers: Upgrade TS Monitor to the latest version

July 12th, 2022