SoftActivity TS Monitor deployment architecture

TS Monitor can be deployed in a small company with just one terminal server or a large enterprise with terminal server farm(s) and thousands of users. The system consists of three components supplied with SoftActivity installation package:

  • SoftActivity TS Monitor client – installed by administrator on each terminal server in a farm. Records user sessions and sends logs to the Central Storage;
  • SoftActivity Webapp Server – web console for viewing logs and reports in web browser;
  • PostgreSQL server – free database server from The PostgreSQL Global Development Group used by SoftActivity for Central Logs Storage. It is supplied with SoftActivity installer or can be downloaded and installed separately.

Each of the above components can share the same physical or virtual server machine with a terminal server or scaled to separate machines.

SoftActivity TS Monitor deployment architecture
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SoftActivity Webapp server can be installed on an Internet facing server to allow remote web access to reports by managers.

For detailed deployment instructions please refer to the Installation Guide for Administrators.