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Case study: A-Legal chooses Activity Monitor to measure and improve workplace productivity

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Measuring and improving workplace productivity.


Activity Monitor by SoftActivity


Major increase in employee productivity, more efficient staffing and improved customer service.

The management team at A-Legal suspected that employee productivity was low as a result of online distractions. They needed a way to confirm their suspicions before they could deal with ‘problem’ employees.


‘Your Scan, Image and Copy Solution’ provider, A-Legal provides a full range of legal support services, including printing to court reporting, trial board development, computer forensics and more. Their Dallas, Texas-based team has grown to 15 employees.
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In the mid 2000s, as social media websites and web apps began to proliferate, top managers at A-Legal noticed that their employees just didn’t seem to be getting their jobs done as quickly as they had before.

As Owner J.S. and his team walked past computer workstations, he noticed some employees would quickly turn away or delete their browser tab as they came on the floor. Without ‘catching employees in the act’ it was difficult to make changes to improve employee productivity.


“We were just working on a hunch that we had a problem, but we had to be sure,” J.S. says. “I started searching online for a software solution and soon came across SoftActivity. There was a glowing testimonial from a small business owner that convinced me to give it a try.”

A-Legal ordered Activity Monitor and soon had it set up to monitor employees’ computers. “It was pretty easy to use – and when I did have a few questions early on, their online technical support was able to give me the answers I needed,” he says. “This software is so effective, we’ve been using it for over a decade!”


Activity Monitor has helped A-Legal improve overall productivity to higher levels than when they started the company and improve communication with customers.

Decreased Payroll Costs by 20 Percent While Enabling Growth. “In certain departments, we saw that there were a lot of hours being wasted. We realized we could get by with fewer employees; now we’ve got 4 people doing the work it used to take 5 employees to do. Thanks to careful management of HR, we’ve grown from 8 employees to 15. This software has paid for itself many times over!”

Improved Revenues from Better Communication with Customers. Before A-Legal started using Active Monitor, top management didn’t even realize they had a problem – but that changed quickly. “We could now easily review the emails our customer-facing employees were writing – as they were writing them. It was clear that some didn’t have a good grasp of the type of information they needed to include, or even the proper structure of a business email. Knowing that, we were able to train people coming into the organization. Thanks to better communication, we’re seeing significantly higher customer satisfaction.”

Better Capability to Retain Top Talent. “We could see if employees were planning an exit from the company because – believe it or not, they would send out resumes to other companies during the work day on our computers! Since we know the instant they start looking, we’re able to react faster, providing them with whatever they need to stay happy at their jobs. It’s critical for business continuity to keep those longstanding, effective employees in-house.”


SoftActivity is a software products division of Deep Software Inc. Their state-of-the-art employee and student-monitoring software helps organizations to maintain productivity, improve security and streamline business operations.

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