7 Unexpected Security Challenges IT Professionals Should Be Aware of in 2022

Each year, businesses research key security challenges as a means to avoid falling victim. It’s not always possible, but proper planning and execution can help IT professionals overcome security challenges that could pose a threat to a company’s financial and reputational standing. 

As with every other year, 2022 is going to be unpredictable and anticipated challenges might change. However, there are some constants to be aware of. 

From cyber threats to the talent competition, here are the top 7 challenges IT leaders will face in 2022 and how to prepare for them:

1. Running Hybrid Working Environments

Weathering the storm in 2022 will require IT professionals to continue to work with employees, partners, and others in hybrid working environments. Support for distributed teams is becoming a necessity. 

If you haven’t already, IT professionals need to come up with processes for distributed team maintenance, like monitoring software, to ensure that this does not lead to the breaking up of your company. IT professionals will need to consider:

  • Security software, hardware, and processes for home offices
  • Personal mobile device security and management
  • Employee monitoring software
  • Equipment
  • Logistics and workflow
  • HR support
  • Cost support for distributed teams

The pandemic has forced business leaders to deal with severe pandemic-driven burnout and a shortage of chips in the IT world. Therefore, while businesses aim to implement remote work, many might find that they simply can’t guarantee an ideal secure hybrid setup. Audiovisual tools are additionally a desire. 

CIOs should consider data monitoring software a major part of their company security strategy. Data monitoring software can be deployed to employees and monitored remotely. This way, you can keep data visibility and security high, even in uncontrollable and uncertain settings. 

2. Competing With Hybrid Work for Talent

Following the Great Resignation, many businesses and IT organizations are searching for talent who feels appreciated. This will mean that businesses will have to adjust to the changing workload demands in addition to employee demands, who increasingly want better pay, better organizational health, and remote working opportunities. 

Finding top tech talent will be difficult in 2022. This is mostly because businesses are now willing to pay more for top talent (even if that is not the right move), effectively forcing out businesses with fewer funds available for this type of distribution. Distributed workforces are increasing the talent pool, sure, but they are also changing it. 

Since it may be difficult for companies to find top tech talent, businesses may need to reconsider workplace priorities. Simplify IT efficiencies now while you can prepare for shifting budgets. 

3. Skillset MisMatch

In addition to the talent competition, we’re also seeing a skillset mismatch. IT professionals may simply not be able to find the workers with the skills they need, making some jobs incompletable. Start implementing skills training for future-proofing. 

Data science, digital transformation, and innovation will ask that more employees are prepared for agile workplaces and tech distribution. 

4. Combatting the Ever-Changing CyberCriminal Enterprises  

Every year, IT professionals must keep an eye out for the cybercriminals that constantly plague companies. Cyberattacks grew with the pandemic and are expected to continue to grow in number and sophistication in 2022. CIOs should be on the lookout for ways to track and combat cybercriminals. 

These should include:

  • Software for data visibility
  • Increased firewall and encryption for cloud services
  • Cybersecurity software to alert to insider threats and malicious attacks
  • Cybersecurity insurance and policy
  • Dedicated partners and teams for cybersecurity remediation

Phishing attacks, malware, ransomware attacks, hackers, insider threats. Unfortunately, cybercriminal attack prevention requires constant vigilance due to a constantly changing threat landscape. Third-party service providers should be welcome when it comes to protecting company intelligence and data. 

Begin to implement data monitoring software and cybersecurity plans to anticipate these upcoming security threats and challenges.

5. Tech Shortages

IT professionals are well aware of the myriad of tech shortages experienced in the industry since the start of the pandemic. 

Unfortunately, we are still seeing tech shortages in 2022. When possible, try to compromise with rented or used equipment so that IT can still offer strong user support and security even in a hybrid setting. You may have to have your employees use personal mobile devices with certain security settings enabled.

Security teams may need to consider alternate methods for workplace continuity. If strong security is not possible, and especially in remote work settings, implement employee monitoring to increase data visibility and improve worker productivity. 

6. Tech Vulnerabilities and Maintenance

With the ongoing shortages and challenges mentioned above, IT professionals will start to see tech vulnerabilities that were previously controlled with strong company tech. 

Unfortunately, IT departments might experience more vulnerabilities and maintenance strain. These issues might lead to operational, performance, and security breakdowns. 

This might spread a team thin and reduce the amount of care that IT professionals can dedicate to other priorities. Start to implement an ongoing maintenance schedule with frequent updates to minimize tech vulnerabilities. 

7. Employee Burnout

Last but not least, IT professionals are well aware of the employee burnout that the industry is facing. With this, you might find IT professionals missing work, quitting, and being short of manpower. This might put undue strain on the required ongoing maintenance and security that a company needs. 

Businesses may need to remain flexible in this regard and consider outsourcing remote workers as an extra set of hands.

By SoftActivity Team.

April 11th, 2022