LAN Spy Software, Program for spying on LAN computers

Technological change made almost any of modern businesses dependent on computer and Internet resources. However, some employees tend to abuse their computer use during working hours that results in overall decreased productivity and critical information leakage. That’s why, it’s highly important for business owners and managers to use LAN spy software solutions to monitor employee online activities and the whole computer usage.

If you’re browsing the Internet in your search for a highly efficient and yet affordable LAN spy program, you’ve come to the right place! Here, at SoftActivity, you will be provided with one of the best LAN spy software Activity Monitor coming with necessary features and options included to have your hand always on the pulse of your office computer use.

From now on by installing our advanced LAN spying program on all computers within your network, you can have a clear picture of the way your employees use company computer and Internet resources: whether they are surfing the Web for personal needs, are engaged in social networking, shopping, playing online games, communicating with friends, etc.

Based on the turnkey IntelliSnap technology, this award-winning LAN spy program from SoftActivity also allows to see snapshots of remote desktops taken at any predefined time intervals. What’s also important, our monitoring software works in a completely secret mode – users can not neither terminate Activity Monitor Agent in Task Manager without specific administrative rights, nor see logs recorded.

If you are wondering what your employees are doing when they are supposed to be working, powerful and full-featured LAN spy program Activity Monitor is what you really need. Take ultimate control over every aspect of your office LAN, find out more about every single move performed with the Activity Monitor network monitoring tool.

By SoftActivity Team

July 19th, 2012