October 1st, 2012

Laptop Tracking Software: How to Monitor Laptop Activity?

Just as desktop PCs, laptops have also to be monitored in order to eliminate risks of their misuse and Internet abuse. Nowadays, almost every teen has his/her own laptop, even if there is a home computer. Are you concerned how your children are surfing the Internet through their laptops when you are not around? This is a common issue for all conscious parents who can’t control every moment when their children are online. Moreover, today many school and college administrators claim that students tend to play games, chat, check new notifications on their Facebook accounts and do various other non-study related activities during classes or lectures.

SoftActivity is here to show you an easy and very efficient way to monitor a laptop and all activities being performed on it in real time and remotely.

We suggest you to take advantage of our unique, multifunctional laptop tracking software SoftActivity Keylogger designed to provide you with ultimate control over your laptop. It will let you know all the truth about what’s going on with your laptop when you are not around, even if your users are rather tech savvy to remove their browsing history and all other activities. While operating like a surveillance camera, it will record every single mouse click and key pressed, yet in a secret and absolutely invisible mode.

Based on the most powerful spying engine, SoftActivity Keylogger comes also with a bunch of advanced useful options, such as IntelliSnap technology for taking regular real-time screenshots, top programs and website reporting, advanced report delivery features, highly encrypted log database, full support of all international characters and many others to match perfectly needs of even the most demanding clients.

Our laptop tracking software solution is fully compatible with all modern Windows OS versions (starting from XP SP2). Whenever you need to monitor your laptop activity remotely, consider SoftActivity Keylogger.