Local Area Network Monitoring Software, LAN Activity Monitoring

Local area network monitoring software is becoming more and more popular nowadays as with the tendency of improving productivity, business owners and managers pay more attention to their employees’ working efficiency. Activity Monitor is the most powerful, yet handy in usage LAN activity monitoring software solution from SoftActivity for companies of all sizes. It allows you to control every computer in your LAN from a central location in a secret mode.

Our comprehensive local area network monitoring software is the perfect way to control your employees’ productivity or misuse of the Internet at the workplace. LAN activity monitoring allows employers to find out the truth about what their employees are doing during office hours. While you control computers in the LAN you can also benefit from the record function of our powerful solution in a case you discover that company confidential information is being leaked.

SoftActivity Monitor will help to control all computers in your LAN via a centralized administrator’s computer (the server). All settings of LAN activity monitoring are set up on the server by the administrator and all clients get these settings automatically. While using this local area network monitoring software you are able to record all activity into a special log file for further investigation and analysis.

SoftActivity LAN user monitoring software records:

  • web browsing history
  • time spent on different websites and apps
  • used applications
  • users productivity
  • keystrokes
  • screen
  • email and chat
  • login and log off times
  • files copied to USB
  • and more

Local area network monitoring software from SoftActivity can be used not only in commercial environment, but also in universities, libraries and school computer rooms. Download free trial and take control of computers usage within your LAN and prevent your employees or students from doing something suspicious and work unrelated.

October 23rd, 2019