Monitoring Employee Email

Today you will hardly find a company that has no access to the Internet. And in many of them employees even work in the Internet during the whole day. A temptation to use Internet for personal needs is rather high and this dramatically affects employee overall productivity. That’s why more and more companies practice employee computer monitoring including monitoring of employee email. If you face the same problem and feel that your employees’ productivity is dropping, it’s a time to think about complex employee computer monitoring.

SoftActivity is here to provide you with powerful, user-friendly and really effective employee Internet monitoring software that will allow you to control your working staff and make them do their job when they are at work eventually. Our employee Internet monitoring software is a computer spy software or keylogger that allows monitoring employee email remotely as well as any other Internet activity. Employee monitoring computer software surreptitiously records computer activity without getting tracked and trapped. By the use of computer spy software and monitoring employee email software, all of the user’s keystrokes, visited websites, viewed files, stored data.

If your employees are sending their personal emails or tend to browse the Internet for non-work-related information, employee Internet monitoring software is a perfect solution to keep your employees from being idle. Software that we offer allows monitoring of employee emails remotely providing you with opportunity to get hold of the commonly visited websites and to keep track of your employees’ minute-to-minute completion of tasks.

With Activity Monitor employee Internet monitoring software you will be able to monitor the whole local network from one PC. You will receive real time and accurate detailed statistics of your employees’ daily activity while being completely invisible. With employee Internet monitoring software from SoftActivity your employees will never continue their endless chats, playing games or simply surfing the Web when they are expected to work, knowing that their computer activity could be easily monitored.

By SoftActivity Team
May 20th, 2015