Network PC Monitoring, PC Activity Monitor

There is no deny that the Internet provides us with plenty of opportunities to run a business, find any necessary information and communicate with partners and friends. However, the misuse of these opportunities may cause Internet addiction and, what is worse, complete disavowal of reality. Some people really can’t stop pointless Internet surfing all day long, even when they are at work. If you are a business owner and have a staff that gets unrestricted Internet access, you should be aware that any type of cyberslacking may affect your overall business productivity dramatically.

In fact, inappropriate use of the Internet during working hours is a frequent thing. Disorderly Web surfing can be rather time-consuming and useless. Thus, your business may suffer dramatically from unproductive employee performance. Fortunately, there are various monitoring tools for PC and Internet activities that allow to have absolute control over your employees.

SoftActivity is ready to provide you with a turnkey, full-featured computer monitoring software solution to meet any your specific requirements to the fullest. Our Activity Monitor is premium network PC monitoring software that comes with a large set of advanced features to help you control and track every aspect of employee activity within your corporate LAN in real-time. It allows not only to monitor websites visited, but also record all the keystrokes typed, emails sent and received and save all the detailed information in a highly encrypted log file on your administrator’s computer. Moreover, Activity Monitor may capture screenshots of each remote desktop periodically, so that you can easily look through them later.

In addition, Activity Monitor can be a highly efficient tool for monitoring student computer activities in schools and colleges. Generally, every college administration tries to provide their students with up-to-date facilities that may substantially improve the overall studying process. Today, virtually all schools and colleges have classes equipped with modern computers connected to the Internet. Many students tend to abuse these opportunities though. That’s why, our stealth program for network PC monitoring can be successfully used to control LAN in any educational establishment to ensure proper use of the Web during studying hours.

Our user-friendly network monitoring application consists of server and client parts. The Activity Monitor client program can be installed on all network connected computers, and the server application, in its turn, has to be installed on your administrative PC. In such a way, you are able to spy on any remote computer in the entire LAN directly from your PC and your employees or students will never know that unless you tell them. Read more in our employee monitoring guide

By SoftActivity Team

February 28th, 2012