Outlook Email Monitoring, Outlook Spy Software

Since its appearance, email still remains one of the most cost-efficient communication channels in the business environment. Billions of emails are sent and received every single day Globally to get in contact, share and exchange various information, papers, etc. and for marketing goals as well. Rather often, emails may contain sensitive corporate information, including trade secrets. That’s why, it is essential to keep track on the whole way your employees send and receive emails.

Indeed, monitoring and recording of email communications are especially important in the business environment. You may be surprised to find out how frequently emails with confidential information go to the wrong destination and how many personal, non-work related emails are sent on a daily basis. As a business owner or manager, you need to have the perfect idea of what is going on within your company. That’s why, it is high time to start monitoring email communications within your corporate network.

Do you use Microsoft Outlook or any other email applications for your business communications? Are you on the Web market today for an efficient, reliable, yet affordably priced Outlook monitoring software solution? At SoftActivity we are ready to offer you more than just the next MS Outlook spy program. Our multi-functional monitoring systems Activity Monitor and SoftActivity TS Monitor will provide you with the deepest possible insight into your business email communications and all other computer and Internet related activities performed within your office LAN.

As full-fledged solutions, our Activity Monitor allows to record emails sent and received in various popular email clients, including:

  • Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Mail, Outlook Express;
  • Thunderbird;
  • The Bat and many others clients.

MS Outlook monitoring can be successfully performed on:

  • secured and unsecured POP3/SMTP emails;
  • Microsoft Exchange email messages;
  • IMAP and other email protocols, secure and unsecure;

Our software records complete email messages including attachments, so that you know if they sent any confidential information.

By monitoring your employee email communications in Microsoft Outlook with SoftActivity, you will prevent sensitive corporate information leakage, protect your company from fraudulent activities like computer and Internet misuse, insider threats, eliminate liability risks, and avoid possible lawsuits related to employee termination. The last but not the least, regular email monitoring also allows to increase employee productivity by preventing personal activities in the workplace.

By SoftActivity Team

February 26th, 2013