Remote Desktop Monitoring Software, How to Monitor RDP sessions

Using Windows Terminal Server, Remote Desktop services or Citrix shared desktop services, or XenApp provide business owners, employers and administrators with a remarkable opportunity to get the most advanced computer resources without spending a fortune. However, such remote sessions sometimes present particular problems for tracking, recording and logging user activity. While traditional computer/Internet monitoring systems and keystroke loggers generally prove to be inefficient or even useless in a terminal server environment, many administrators wonder how to monitor remote desktop sessions of their users secretly and in real-time.

Aside from monitoring process, they also need a range of tasks to be solved efficiently, including storing of all recorded sessions in a well-organized and centralized location, easy and immediate access to these logs as well as the complete security of the entire recorded and logged content. SoftActivity TS Monitor will help you accomplish all these crucial tasks successfully with the minimum efforts from your side.

Actually, this is a robust, full-fledged yet cost-effective remote desktop monitoring software solution designed specifically for administrators, managers, CIOs, and CSOs in need to control employees that either tele-work from home or work remotely during business trips. You will get absolute control over your corporate network and every single activity performed by your local and remote employees.

Monitoring and logging terminal server RDP sessions with SoftActivity TS Monitor includes: recording any types of web communications, Internet surfing history, capturing the duration of a stay on every website and usage of every program, file transfers, users’ login and logoff times, etc. This software also allows to capture screenshots at any predefined intervals. These reports will show you the top websites visited, top applications used as well as the total time spent by a user in their terminal sessions.

By SoftActivity Team

January 24th, 2012